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Everything’s Coming Up Roses - the MTeam volunteers for the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre

Everything’s Coming Up Roses - the MTeam Volunteers for the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre

Every Year, the MTeam volunteer for some local charity work, doing their part to give a little back to the community. This year, 19 green-fingered Mirus members visited the Milton Keynes Discovery Centre (MKDC), spending two days building a garden for its visitors to relax in. 

This meant our teams relayed a path, cleared all the shrubbery around the site and added a lick of paint to an outbuilding. The MTeam worked hard and were a bit sore after following a lot of physical activity including digging, planting, building - you name it - to bring life to this sensory garden.

Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre is set in Bradwell Abbey and was built in 1154. The site is used to educate people on the history of Milton Keynes and hosts many activities for the local community.

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered: Richard Finch, Mandy Wilkinson, Jack Winkel, Alison Reynolds, Laura James, Tom Williams, Fiona Williams, Sarah Mott, Hannah Braxton, Paul O’Conner, Imogen Carpenter and Lee Osborne.

Here’s what some of those who volunteered had to say:

Sarah Mott:

'This week Mirus volunteered to help build a sensory garden for MKCDC, we helped level all the terrain and get the flowers beds ready for planting. This was very physically strenuous but extremely rewarding at the same time, to know that we are able to help contribute to our local community makes it all worthwhile. I will certainly take a visit up there once its complete to admire all the volunteer’s handiwork.' 

Paul O’Connor

‘I was offered to opportunity to help by doing Volunteering at Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, so I decided to go out and do some work. We were working on an area that would greatly increase the ability for wheelchair users to access the area we were working on.

Mirus Volunteering 2019It needed levelling and some painting to make it smoother and brighter, so we split out the jobs to get as much done as possible. I was pleasantly surprised to see they were prepared and focused on anyone who could not do real hard labour such as digging as I cannot do that myself. I was assigned the task of painting the 2 big walls.

I had so much fun transforming the wall whilst singing along with my headphones on, and with the added bonus of doing it for a great cause.’


Imogen Carpenter

‘I had great fun digging up soil, shovelling stones and even planting a tree!’

Thanks once again to everyone who volunteered – there’s an amazing-looking garden for all your efforts, so well done! Read more about what the MTeam get up to, why not follow us on Facebook?

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