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Mirus Service Hub

Mirus Service Hub – Online Training Platform for Mirus Customers

Being an ‘all-service’ provider we’ve recently launched a fantastic new feature for our customers on our Mirus Service Hub, our service portal for clients to log support tickets.

It’s called The Mirus Knowledge Hub, and it’s is a powerful online training tool powered by Bigger Brains.

This knowledge hub is additional functionality added into our portal, allowing our end users to enrol in online training courses. These courses are primarily for Microsoft Office products, but we have plans in place to increase the offerings to a much wider range of training programmes.

Available to everyone, The Mirus Knowledge Hub provides beginner, intermediate and advanced courses in products such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel, it also provides training for all the new exciting Microsoft offerings including Planner, Groups, OneDrive and OneNote.

In phase one of implementation we are offering courses in:

- Access 2013 - Basics
- Excel 2016 - Basics and Intermediate
- Office 365 - Office 365 essentials 2017, Mastering Office 365 2017, Outlook online essentials
- Project 2016 - Creating a project and Managing a project
- Windows 10
- Word 2013 Basics, Word 2016 Standard and Word 2016 Advanced

Moving forward, as part of our full service Mirus Training Academy, we have plans in place to bring in additional bespoke training, more specific to our services, for example Cyber Security courses and activities.

Our Customer Service strategy is to provide responsive and effective service to all our customers, and by implementing and utilising tools and platforms we are continually ensuring that we are as responsive as possible and providing the best service we can. By incorporating these additional tools, we’re ensuring that we’re continually doing all we can to provide an unparalleled service to our customers.

Ensuring that we provide an elite Managed Service Solution to our clients means that we’re continually looking to deliver more to our customer base, our Mirus Knowledge Hub is just one of many other additional services we offer.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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