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The Death of Windows

The Death of Windows 7 is a Real Horror Story

We at Mirus aren’t in the business of scaremongering, but with the Halloween season now upon us, it only seems right to share this true, cautionary tale - lest your IT turn into a horror story.

As of January 2020, Microsoft will be dropping support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 – which means integral software and security updates will no longer be developed for either. Any company still relying on both these systems for their workload is at risk of dated technology, lacking software support and ever-worsening security, as Microsoft turns its attention to Windows 10.

Any company still running Windows Server 2008 will also want to upgrade – Microsoft is also dropping the server OS’s support in January. Windows Server 2019 is the most recent version, with support scheduled well into 2024.

Without updating from either of these two operating systems, companies are putting their tech and their business in some pretty dire straits. But don’t just take our word for it; look no further than the wisdom of Victorian-era horror author and nihilistic poet Edgar Allen Poe! Edgar’s kindly reworked his classic poem, “The Raven”, into this modern tale of technical terror to better illustrate the dangers.


Come a night in January, While I pondered, weak and weary,Upgrade your Windows before it runs out in 2020
Whence my Windows 7 would be supported no more.
A system alert, loud and blaring, through my PC speaker, scaring
Me rigid and alert like no other had before.
“’Tis a pop-up” I dismissed. “Like so many before.
Only this and nothing more”.

But that pop-up was important; ‘twas a Microsoft informant
Warning me of Windows 7’s pending end of life.
And Windows Server 2008, would meet a similar dark fate
As Microsoft would take to both with sharpened carving knife.
But I’d been fine with Windows 7 for most my business life
And issues weren’t exactly rife.Windows EoL 2020

Yet January ended fast, and when that crucial deadline passed,
I’d failed to smartly cast my systems onto Windows 10,
And without Microsoft’s backing, my software support - sadly lacking.
Saw my systems crashing, burning time and time again.
If only I had updated my systems at the moment when
It had warned me – there and then!

And then, not a fortnight later, when my sensitive work data,
Was siphoned to creators of a brutal new Malware
Whose attempts at workplace phishing, soon had me futilely wishing
My system’s condition wasn’t quite so worse for wear.
I lamented that short-sighted moment in January where,
I didn’t update, then and there.Are you ready for the Windows end of support

There, into that blue screen peering, long I stood there; wondering, fearing,
Fearing for the future of my company’s IT,
For my Data, for my clients, who had become so reliant
On me to protect their accounts and security.
My business would suffer under cruelest scrutiny.
There was no one to blame, but me.

And thus, if a little late, I made amendments to update,
And relievedly migrate my systems onto Windows 10.
And it was with grace from there, that I resolved to then repair
The most unwelcome scare I suffered in that instance when
I refused to update all my IT systems, there and then.
An error not to make again.

Thanks, Edgar. For more Gothic ghastliness, Edgar’s latest book, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, is available from all good book stores as of 1838.

Meanwhile, for all your IT needs, Mirus has you covered. Our team can help you migrate your existing operating system over to the Windows 10 environment – without disrupting your regular workload.

Our FREE Windows End of Life Assessment  can also help you identify any other performance inhibitors, so your next IT investment has you set for success. 

Dark Web Monitoring Services from Mirus IT

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The solution will monitor all of your organisations email addresses and up to 5 personal email addresses, which would typically be the most senior staff as compromised personal email addresses are regularly used for spoofing attacks i.e. requests to transfer funds.

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