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The Big Challenge Mirus IT 2018

Every year the Mirus IT #MTeam host events and challenges in order to raise money for charity, we also try and take on one mega event, called The Big Challenge, and this year it's a bike ride from London to Bruges! 

Taking place at the end of June, the guys are biking 155 miles over two days! We'd love your support as this year we're raising money for the Mind BLMK Charity.

We have 16 riders this year:

Adam A, Zac, Adam H, Peter, Max, Darren, Chris, Paul, Liam, Aishling, Andy, Neil, Melissa, Lee, Paul and Anthony.

Our valiant team isn’t made up of just Mirus guys, we've been joined by riders from UCC, Access Solutions, Reed, Sweethaven, Life and Madison Cycles!

We’ll be posting about the ride with our Peddled Powered Reporter Liam Pickard (Twitter) reporting in. In the meantime, here’s some  information about some of the riders.

Paul Tomlinson | 40 | Mirus IT
Why: I was on a motorbike tour through France a few years ago and got lost looking for Paris ending up in Bruges, it’s a lovely place and I’ve always wanted to go back so I thought why not cycle there and raise money for a great charity.
Most looking forward to: Spending time with the team.
Least looking forward to: Chaffing.
How have you been training: It’s been a really busy year at Mirus so I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to be out on my bike. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine on the day though 😊

Chris Russell | 35 | Mirus IT
Why: Mental health problems affect millions of people but can often go unrecognised or unacknowledged. It’s great that we can do something to help ‘mind’ and other charities each year to help raise funds but more importantly promote awareness amongst ourselves and in others too.
Most looking forward to: Seeing the French and Belgian countryside as we cruise through as a team peloton.
Least looking forward to: The periods of time that I’ll be at the front of that peloton.
How have you been training: So far training has been light with very little time on the turbo trainer, relying on muscle memory I’ll be ramping this up with hill climbs and 30-50 mile rides over the next several weeks leading up to the ride.

Aishling Savchuk | 32 | Mirus IT
Why: I love cycling but don’t get a chance to do it enough, my poor bike was gathering dust and needed to be exercised! The MTeam are a super great bunch to work with, who better to do this amazing challenge with! Above all that, we are all doing this primarily to raise as much money as we can for a fantastic cause, MIND!
Most looking forward to: Riding in the glorious sun (fingers crossed!) through beautiful British, French and Belgian countryside and villages, crossing the channel on bike, rewarding our aching bodies with as many croissants, crepes, Belgium waffles and chocolate we can demolish, washed down with lots and lots of cold continental beer!.
Least looking forward to: The early night Friday ready for the super early Saturday morning depart! A sore bottom, tired legs, and flies in my eyes!
How have you been training: I haven’t yet been out! Eeek! However, with not long to go now the training must begin! I will be aiming for at least two or more rides a week, with one of those being of substantial length, 30-50 miles minimum, with a few spin classes thrown in for extra punishment! Let the fun begin.

Liam Pickard | 38 | Mirus IT
Why: Having lost friends to mental illness and suffered from depression and anxiety myself the subject of Mental Health is very personal to me. Whilst it needs the funds to help support research and care it is still a taboo subject for many, and I want to help raise awareness and educate people to support and help those that suffer.
Most looking forward to: Camping with the team.
Least looking forward to: Going to Bruges and not staying for a week, have you seen the beer there!
How have you been training: I bike to and form work anyway which gives me 10 miles daily. On top of this I have been going out every weekend increasing my ride by 5 miles each week. I am pushing 30 this weekend!

Darren Challender | 40 + 7 | Mirus IT
Why: Enjoy Cycling and have never been to Bruges, the challenge.
Most looking forward to: Going to Bruges.
Least looking forward to: Spending more time with my colleagues
How have you been training: Running to build up cardio, will up my cycling in the run up.

Zac Stanger | 28 | Mirus IT
Why: If it wasn’t for charities like MIND raising awareness and letting people know they are not alone in how they are feeling. Encouraging people to talk about mental health and helping people who are brave enough to confront their demons, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I want to raise as much money as I can to help as many people as I can who are going through mental health issues.
Most looking forward to: Being part of a great team all looking to accomplish something that will help so many people.
Least looking forward to: The sore arse & the 2nd day of cycling!
How have you been training: Spin Classes 2 or 3 times a week & cycling in the gym. I will start road cycling as well this week.

We'll keep you posted on events and hope to bring you more profiles on our riders!

In the meantime, why not...


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