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Paul Tomlinson in the CRN A list 2019 Blog.

The Eagerly Awaited 2019 CRN A List is here

The CRN-A List is an insight into the minds of 137 of the UK's top channel executives. These well-respected A-Lister’s are questioned on candid subjects such as what they'd do first if they were Prime Minister, and what’s their most irritating tech buzz phrase of 2018?

Our very own Paul Tomlinson has again, been featured in the CRN A-List 2019, and along with the UK's top IT channel executives interviewed, he’s answered some rather enlightening questions. You see read his profile here...

If you think your business could benefit from our award-winning services, or you’d like to know more about which curry would be Paul’s top favourite, contact us today.

You can read more about Paul here, and see the full A list here.



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