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The 2018 Mid Year Cyber Threat Report From Webroot

Cyber Security Statistics

In the Webroot Threat Report Mid-Year Update

Keeping up with the cyber landscape is hard enough for the professionals trying to counteract these criminals, but for you and your staff, it’s almost impossible! That’s why you need a dedicated team who are proactively working to prevent and counteract threats.

For example, did you know that;

1. 93% of breaches are initiated by phishing, 22% of employees have clicked at least one phishing link in the last year
2. Most customers won’t know what Crypto jacking is, but it is an increasing threat
3. Phishing sites are only available for 4-8 hours on average before they disappear
4. Malicious mobile apps are becoming more of a problem, if a device accesses corporate data it could be a weak link
5. Windows 10 is twice as safe as Windows 7. But corporate take up is low. Move to Windows 10 to improve security

 Webroot confirms that "One of the biggest security takeaways from the first half of 2018 is that we can never make our computer systems perfectly secure, and the underlying hardware can be just as susceptible to exploitable flaws as the software that
runs on it."

Download the Webroot Threat Report for more information about the cyber landscape.

Webroot Threat Report

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