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Tech, Teams and Training

Tech, Teams and Training - the Three Tiers to Business Success

It’s not only the technology that drives your business – it’s your people. As important as it is to keep your systems managed, synergised and up-to-date, they won’t work for you without similarly-skilled employees manning the proverbial helm.

In a study by Totaljobs, it was discovered that 2 out of every 3 employees will quit a job through lack of learning and development opportunities, with 9 out of 10 saying their employers need to offer more training courses.

When it comes to IT training, it’s a statistic that’s hard to ignore. As the tech landscape evolves at its often-unmatchable pace, it behoves employers to keep their workers ahead of the curve, harnessing the latest tech to the best of their abilities – and giving your business that competitive edge.

Yet training needn’t be a burden (nor should they be hidden within over-zealous, yawntastic or awkward “team-building exercises” – a workplace tactic long-since fallen from favour). The majority of UK workforces want to learn and, with the variety of delivery methods available, they’re more empowered to do so. It’s with this in mind that Mirus developed a suite of training methods to suit our diverse range of clients.

1-to-1 Training

Offers a high-engagement solution, designed for more personal learning. Particularly useful for new recruits, specialists or members of smaller teams, 1-to-1 training offers a time-critical solution to training needs.


Perfect for users with energetic or dynamic roles, providing easily-accessible and ongoing courses that move at the user’s pace. The range and versatility of these modules make them a great way to refresh previous training or expand upon current skills.

Group Training

If you’ve undergone a major change, such as a restructure, hiring a new team, moving to a new office or introducing new systems, group training offers large-scale training sessions designed to educate larger work forces on new and integral developments.

As a managed service provider, we recognise that a major part of supporting your systems is ensuring the people using them are experts in their field. That’s why we offer Elite 1-2-1 Training, e-Learning, Group Training, and Ongoing Training via online videos.

With training in all Office 365 programmes including Microsoft Teams, Cyber Security, Phishing and all major operating systems, we’ll ensure that your team are the driving force behind your company.

Whatever training methods work best for you or your teams, our tailored and ongoing learning keeps you ahead of the curve. Learn more about our dedicated training packages here.

Identify Where Best to Start Developing Your Team

Identifying your teams' weak points is half the battle towards delivering useful and rewarding knowledge.
Start empowering your team with a quick assessment, and identify your training gaps.

Download our "Training Gaps" Checklist



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