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Still Can't Decide Between In-House and Managed IT?

Still Can't Decide Between In-House and Managed IT?

If you want something done properly, you should do it yourself, right?   

Unfortunately, when it comes to your business IT, the decision isn’t so clear-cut. On one hand, you might decide that an in-house solution keeps your costs compliant, your systems familiar and ownership of your infrastructure in your hands. On the other, a Managed Service Provider could free up IT resources, remove the pressure of maintaining your IT department, and ensure your systems are monitored for your every working hour. How do you decide which is most appropriate?

Okay, cards on the table; as an MSP, we’ll almost always believe that specialist services are your better option. Yet we also understand the apprehension of partnering with an IT provider. If any of the following reasons are why you’ve decided to go it alone, allow us to explain why an MSP might still be the more appropriate option…  

1 – With In-House IT, I Have More Control of My Systems

As a CEO or CIO, it makes sense that you’d want to keep control of your departments. You’ve built them to your specifications, you know them all intimately and some of us – as weird as it might sound – would rather own our mistakes than let someone else make new ones. Trust us: we totally get it.

A bad MSP could make you feel like your systems are being held hostage; maybe you feel forced to use an unfamiliar system simply because they insist it’s better than your current setup. But any MSP worth its salt can discuss and assess your infrastructure at length, collaborating with you on solutions that fit your skillset, strategy and budget. They’ll assign sales reps and service desk engineers as your regular points of contact, so over the course of your managed service, you’re familiar with the people working with you on your infrastructure. A good MSP doesn’t take control away from you, it works to your specifications.

Your MSP wants a long-lasting partnership with you, and they won’t have one if they can’t first prove their dedication.  


2 – Internal IT Gives Me Quicker Response Times

It can feel like a blessing having your own support team on-site. They’re always available and never more than a couple of corridors from your latest technical turmoil. To abandon that luxury, and instead rely on a remote IT helpdesk, seems like utter madness.

Honestly, we’re almost inclined to agree. That’s why any decent service provider is beholden to service level agreements, guaranteeing response within a judicious timeframe. Your dedicated service desk should be instantly reachable, and with full visibility of your company infrastructure, they can pinpoint any IT issues quickly and efficiently – often before you do.

If you’re ringing different providers regularly – like your ISP, telecoms provider or printer manufacturer – you’re likely used to long call times and a catalogue of different points of contact. An MSP consolidates all these into one point of contact and, with the service level agreements in place, won’t leave you waiting for an answer or resolution.

If, after all this, you’d still feel more comfortable with an on-site worker, then your service provider can arrange one. Where requested, Mirus engineers work on-site and exclusively to your company values and policy. While the service is all our own, the engineer is just as much a part of your workforce as anyone else on site.

3 – Managed Services are Too Expensive

We couldn’t leave without addressing this common concern. Any smart business makes decisions based on budget, and if you were once running an in-house solution, paying for a dedicated service can just feel like an extra unnecessary cost.

Yet managed IT is a two-pronged solution. It eliminates the cost of maintaining your own department and leaves you the resources to expand other areas of your business. In the long term, you’ll start to notice the extra added value; the reduced downtime, the improved efficiency, and the continued protection against the growing threat of cybercrime.

It’s sometimes difficult to parse the immediate benefits of an MSP, as the solutions are much more apparent over a longer term. Suffice to say, we at Mirus seek long-lasting, valuable relationships – and we wouldn’t have them if we couldn’t deliver on that value.

With over 83% of UK businesses relying on some form of managed service, more and more companies are realising the true benefits of an MSP.

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