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Staff Retention, Training and Investment – How We Build the MTeam

Staff Retention, Training and Investment – How We Build the MTeam

Having been voted CRN’s “Best Company to Work For” in 2018, and as finalists for that same award this 2020, people are undoubtedly at the forefront of Mirus’s success.

By encouraging aspiring minds, supporting career growth and providing opportunities for upskilling, we’ve created a workforce that’s as vibrant as it is expansive.  

As you may have gathered from our regular blogs, the MTeam rarely goes a month without some sort of milestone or opportunity; whether winning the latest industry award or celebrating the latest graduates from our long-running apprenticeship scheme, our tightly-knit group is always reaching new heights.

Part of this is the sheer breadth of our talent pool. While we’ll always have a place for industry veterans, whose years of experience are invaluable, our apprenticeship scheme with MK College means we’re always attracting the industry’s brightest new talent. By supporting apprentices from the start of their course, right up until graduation, we’re helping students find a job with the MTeam at the height of the technical knowledge. In the ever-evolving IT industry, there’s no better time to start.

But our growth isn’t about the number of staff; it’s about their abilities. Part of why MTeam members stay with us for so long is our dedication to their growth, and there are plenty of learning opportunities, both internally or via other channels, that we provide our employees.

In 2018, we launched our Superstar Programme; a specially-curated, 12-month training scheme to help move our service engineers to the next tier of service capabilities. With the full backing of the senior management team and 10 more days of external training than comparable industry schemes, it’s helped MTeam members - from apprentices to the long-term Mirus faithful – keep their roles varied, relevant and rewarding.

Everything we offer in terms of training and career progression is exactly what makes the MTeam so talented. But what makes us different?

We’ve developed a culture and camaraderie that you simply don’t see in other MSPs, keeping our independent spirit even as we grow and become affiliated with such industry forerunners as IT Lab. Working at Mirus provides a modern, progressive approach to work that favours individuality, experiences and extracurricular opportunities.

Sometimes, the celebrations are work-related; heading to industry events and awards for a night of dining, drinks and dancing; but just as often, we find ways to reward ourselves and one another, with a host of activities purely for the enjoyment of the team.

For us, this means all sorts of leisurely pursuits; mini-golfing tournaments, charity fundraisers and our monthly Friday Feed - which sees all 100-plus staff banding together for BBQs, pizza parties or cultural cuisines from local businesses. We even find the time to arrange our own music festival every summer, exclusively for Mirus workers and their families. It’s this identity that defines Mirus, making it such a memorable place to work.

This is how we build, train and retain the MTeam. It’s less about packing as many numbers between our office walls as possible, and more about nurturing the industry’s best; with regular training opportunities, a spectrum of skilled individuals, and a vibrant rewarding atmosphere.

If you look forward to joining us, we look forward to welcoming you.

If you’re yet to see our Careers Page and some of the current opportunities available at Mirus, simply click the link below!



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