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The Demise of ISDN blog header - Sofa Time Video

Sofa Time: The Demise of ISDN

Like fax machines and WAP internet, landline telephony is now destined to be replaced with better, more modern solutions. 

Not a bad run, mind; it’s rare that tech revolutions endure the 100-plus years that the humble landline connection has. 

In this episode of Sofa Time, Dan Sharp and Paul Tomlinson discuss the end of the ISDN era, and what the universal standard of telephony will look like in the very near future.

For  more casual chat on tech security, data breaches and much more besides, check out the rest of our Sofa Time episodes or pop over to our YouTube channel.

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Telephony Timeline Infographic

We've created a little infographic about the demise of ISDN, and the Telephony Timeline



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