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Sofa Time on-tour Backing Up SaaS

Sofa Time: On Tour - The Importance of Backing up SaaS Data

Sofa Time is back, this time on-tour at the Datto Offices and with a special guest: Chris With, Strategic Account Manager!

It’s perhaps hard to believe – and disappointing to hear – but Microsoft takes no responsibility for the loss of your Office 365 files. While Office 365's servers do have a squeaky-clean track record when it comes to file security, the protection of your files from deletion, corruption or theft is ultimately still down to you.

Still, it’s not only security slip-ups that can see your files vanish into the great hereafter, as Dan discovers in the first of our ‘Sofa Time: On Tour’ videos. While we haven’t quite lugged the Mirus Sofa on an industry-wide tour, we have let regular host Dan Sharp catch up with some industry experts on their home turf. This time, Dan sits down with Datto’s Strategic Account Manager Chris With to discuss the importance of protecting SaaS applications – and why a security breach isn’t the only thing compromising your data.

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