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Sofa Time

Sofa Time: on Tour – Datto End User Devices and Continuity

Laptops, mobiles, and many other personal devices are often the endpoint for any crucial business files. 

Yet while any physical device is susceptible to hacking or accidental damage, our personal devices can also be misplaced, lost or stolen – along with any valuable data they might be holding.  

Not every worker is connected to the company server 100% of the time, and with Sales Directors or Managing Directors frequently taking their business on the road, how can they be sure that their sensitive documents stay protected without the benefits of cloud security?

This week, we’re joined by Adam Salley, Datto’s BCDR Sales Manager, to discuss how to protect those files that aren’t secured behind SaaS Backup or stored on the company server.

This isn’t our first time recording from the Datto offices, as our regular host Dan Sharp sat down recently with Strategic Account Manager Chris With to discuss the importance of protecting your SaaS applications from data loss. You can catch up with the pair of them in the previous episode right here.


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