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 Snow Day working from home?

Snow Day = No Show Day or Remote Working

Is it snowing where you are?

Are some of your staff unable to make it in to the office?


As an IT Support company, we see the same trends each year when it comes to weather disruptions. On the days where snow disrupts travel, we receive a dramatic increase in the number of requests to enable people to work from home.


Today is no different. To avoid this disruptive last-minute rush we enable our clients to prepare in advance to reduce the time it takes to achieve this for our clients on the day.

Shout if you'd like to know more, but for now, here are a number of simple checks you can do to see how ready you and your team are.

Are your Teams Ready to Work from Home?

For your employees to be able to work from home they will need:

  1. A home device (whether a personal device, or a business laptop they can take home)
  2. An Internet connection
  3. Either a VoIP handset or a VoIP headset (e.g. that you would use with Skype)

Are your Team Able to Connect to your Files remotely?

For employees to access files and applications from home you will need to enable:

  1. VPN access, which will need to be already configured
  2. A local copy of Microsoft office for each employee in order for them to continue using Outlook, Word, Excel and other common business applications
  3. A Terminal Server, if you don't have one, in order to allow your teams to access files and applications via a web connection
  4. If you already have a Terminal Server, you'll need to ensure your employees have received the appropriate training on how to access files and applications
  5. VoIP telephony so that calls can be diverted to home landlines or mobiles
  6. Training for employees  on how to divert calls
  7. We also recommend, tasking a responsible individual with issuing bad weather alerts, so they can instruct the team to take home vital working equipment such as laptops and a VoIP Handset/headset the night before heavy snowfall is forecast.
  8. A plentiful supply of power cables!

Maintain Regular IT Support

If you are a Mirus IT customer, this final check is important:

Do your teams have the Mirus Remote Monitoring Agent installed (or are they prepared to) so we can assist with any set up or support problems on the day? Without this we can't control anti-virus or achieve remote access in order to handle support enquiries on the day. Shout if you need this set up!

If you'd like advice on any of the suggestions above, or would like to know more about the investment costs versus the disruption costs, our IT and Telephony team will be happy to help make sure you have the best chance of being organised for any eventuality making necessary remote working this year.


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