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Should you pay for an IT health check

Should You Pay for an IT Health Check?

Should you pay for an IT Health Check? To answer this question, one need look no further than the wisdom of Ian Betteridge, a respected British technology journalist.

While Ian has never offered an opinion on the price of an IT Health Check – at least as far as I can find – he has provided a conclusive answer thanks to Betteridge’s Law of Headlines: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no”. Way to ruin the surprise there, Ian.

Still, having been rumbled by Ian’s not-entirely-foolproof hypothesis, let’s explore perhaps the next important question – Why shouldn’t you pay for an IT Health Check?

Many Managed Service Providers list Health Checks (or assessments) as part of their service offering. It’s not an uncommon practice; after all, a full diagnosis of a company infrastructure is no small undertaking, detailing everything from server load right up to, potentially, the volume of your Managed Print output. As part of your due diligence, you’ll not only want to discover the cost of your Health Check, but also your MSP’s pricing system. Some might charge you per device, others per department, and the price quite often fluctuates if you exceed a certain benchmark.


Yet paying an MSP for your Health Check is no guarantee that they can deliver a solution – or, for that matter, that they’re prepared to. It’s also possible that while theirs is entirely affordable, the proposed solution isn’t, at which point you’ll need to take your search elsewhere. It’s expensive enough to pay for a check-up, but having to source yet another company, repeating both the payment and the process, is a hoop no SMB should have to jump through.

At Mirus, we believe that paid Health Checks create an obligation on behalf of the client – one they might not necessarily be ready for. That’s why ours aren’t delivered as a service, but as a means of meeting our clients and discovering whether our solutions are appropriate. Most importantly, we’ll identity where your IT is inhibiting your performance, creating a solution that resolves your technical limitations and creates a seamless IT workflow. We can’t pretend it doesn’t benefit us, knowing that we can provide you with solutions and services; but in doing so, we also ensure that you’re comfortable with our offerings and pay only for the services you need and receive.

Finally, for those business owners who’ve decided against an MSP, but still want to conduct a full IT Health Check, we also offer a paid service, which is provided with no further obligation.

We’re proud to do things differently.
If it’s time to take your IT to the next stage of your strategy, get a FREE IT Health Check with Mirus.


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