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RHEM 4 letter acronym that increases productivity

RHEM - The 4 Letter Acronym that can Improve your Business

Are your Support Teams repeatedly fixing the same problems and wasting time?

Have your staff devised work-arounds to achieve tasks that could be automated?


Analysis shows that the loss of productivity can be due to under-performing IT Systems and subsequent downtime could be costing your business more than £20,000 each year!


Can your employees tackle the productivity gap being created by your IT Systems?

At Mirus, we monitor and report on RHEM which is Reactive Hours per Endpoint per Month and RHEM helps our engineers to better target the reactive IT Support Tickets we receive from our clients.

RHEM helps us to identify trends, and run root cause analysis on these tickets. With the data we collect, RHEM then helps us to identify the time our clients are losing due to under-performing or poorly utilised internal IT Systems and solutions, which in turn, helps us to pinpoint exactly where our expertise is required.

Once we understand this, we're able to be more proactive to issues, can set processes in place and close the gap in productivity for our clients. Over time our clients work more effectively and efficiently, and the amount of reactive tickets they raise and we subsequently react to, decrease.

Therefore increasing productivity for both our clients and our Support Teams.

Driving the inefficiencies out from our clients IT Solutions, delivers a better and more productive working environment, which in turn, makes for more effective staff who are more motivated at work.

It's a win-win!

Get in touch with the MTeam and we can talk to you about your current setup. We can even arrange a FREE Network Health Check (where our IT Experts will look at all your IT solutions and systems on-prem and in the cloud) and we can look to drive inefficiencies out of your business.



What is the true cost of your old and slow equipment?

You'd be surprised! Have you even asked the question?

Did you know that slow workstations are estimated to drop productivity by 2.75%?
That's a whopping 13 minutes per day.

Want to know just how much your slow systems could be costing your business?

Find out more:

IT Savings Calculator >


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