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Providers Placing People: How Managed Services Empower the Recruitment Sector

Providers Placing People: How Managed Services Empower the Recruitment Sector

Like any other industry, the recruitment sector has its own bespoke challenges to overcome; the competitive nature of its service offerings, the high staff turnover, and the unique sales process of people rather than products.

In the last 3 to 5 years, technology offerings have evolved significantly; yet the fast-paced nature of the recruitment sector often leaves little time for the reviewing and refining of a company infrastructure. In a sector so tech-reliant - and data-abundant - how do Managed Services compliment the recruitment industry?

Solutions For Staff

The tight timeframes of the industry can put a strain on your IT infrastructure – not to mention your opportunities to review it. In a market so competitive, it’s frustrating not to have your tech running at the highest industry standard.

Recruitment technology has helped accelerate the recruitment process, automate manual work and optimise candidate pools – but no solution is entirely self-sufficient, requiring regular maintenance to maintain peak performance. While some providers offer a reactive service that fixes problems as they arise, a good Managed Service Provider with recruitment sector experience, monitors your various systems, optimising their performance and identifying problems before they can happen.

Some packages are a little less specialist, but no less integral. Software such as Office 365 remains a staple business fixture, and a Managed Service Provider will work alongside recruiters to make such collaborative tools as OneDrive and Teams as optimised as possible.

SaaS Security

Despite the misgivings around remote working or operating out of office, there’s an argument that both fuel worker productivity. The Financial Times reports that 89% of British workers believe they’re more productive with the freedom to work remotely. It’s also estimated that nearly 39% of remote workers will put in extra hours, compared to only 24% of office-based workers.

The recruitment sector continues to popularise remote working solutions, which provide more flexibility for applicants & consultants. When interviews can be arranged via video conferencing, for example, both parties can work to a wider selection of hours and accelerate the recruitment process for one another. 

This also means a greater reliance on Software as a Service (SaaS). While convenient, the number of SaaS solutions your consultants use and the multiple connections they’re accessed from creating many opportunities for data leakage. How do recruiters control this data, or restrict its movement between devices and services?

Recruiters can work with their Service Providers to identify their security concerns, pinpoint their exact requirements and devise the most effective security solutions. From blocking the use of USB drives to banning certain file sharing sites, or incorporating Multi-Factor Authentication, the right MSP will provide the perfect security without sacrificing a consultants’ flexibility.

Speed of Service

The recruitment sector has a colossal commitment to its people – whether that be its own consultants, or the wealth of candidates, company contacts and business owners that rely on their placement potential. When various issues stall billing procedures or compromise their everyday service, everybody feels the impact.

At Mirus, we work with recruiters and agencies to further improve our solutions for the industry. Through proactive discussions on our service procedures as well as suggestions for technical, processing and training improvements, we carefully balance our knowledge of the industry with the needs of each individual agency.

With a CSAT score of over 99% - exceeding the 94% industry average* – our award-winning services mean we’re always equipped for the unique needs of your business.

Ready to Reap the Rewards of a Relationship with Mirus?

Our experience within the Recruitment sector has been helping the likes of The Curve Group transform their IT into a truly powerful part of their business strategy. 

If you’re looking for a new Managed Service Provider, discover the questions you’ll need to ask to ensure they fit your business needs.

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