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Protect Your Print with Bitdefender – Now Available from Mirus Managed Print

Our print security offerings have once again improved, thanks to the arrival of Bitdefender – now optimised for the latest Develop multifunction print devices.

It’s compatible with Develop’s A3 ineo+ devices; the 250i, 300i and 360i, as well as its A4 models; the ineo+ 3350i, 4050i and 3320i.  

The Bitdefender software offers a full, start-to-finish security solution for compatible devices, scanning all incoming and outgoing data as it enters and leaves the device. This includes encrypted PDF files, print jobs, documents scans and more, with the option to perform virus scans both on demand and at designated times.  


This all-encompassing security not only protects your MFP devices, but also your recipients. Bitdefender is compatible with cloud storage and local connections, so you can upload processed documents externally knowing they’ve been given the all-clear. In the event that a virus is identified, it’s safely quarantined by Bitdefender and saved in the Risk Log for the attention of print admins.

The wealth of data they process each day makes your print devices a goldmine for hackers and cyber criminals. With Bitdefender, your Develop devices are protected by a renowned security solution, optimised for your Managed Print.     


Your Print Devices could be Your most Important Component for GDPR Compliance.  

For more on protecting your Managed Print setup, download our free eBook, 4 Steps to Secure Print.  

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Mirus IT Four Steps to Secure Print eBook


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