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Time to move to secure printing

Print Device Security with GDPR in Mind

Any company looking to streamline print and document workflows should consider looking into a Managed Print Service. The current range of Managed Print Services available on the market from manufacturers and solution providers provide many opportunities to improve how your business navigates the flow of documentation, reduces costs and maintains a core business service to end users.

Since 2016, companies across the world have been preparing for GDPR to become enforceable on 25th May 2018.  You have no doubt, completed your own internal discussions regarding what data you own, how best to ethically use the data and where there are vulnerabilities within your business systems that could lead to potential non-compliance with GDPR. In these discussions, have you considered your print solutions? We know that this has often been overlooked. The compliancy of printers, photocopiers and MFPs that are directly attached to your network is just as important as other data collecting systems.

Like all connected devices and their associated infrastructure, MFPs and printers represent an ‘attack surface,’ for hackers, therefore, including them in your security planning and audits should be a serious consideration in your GDPR preparation. Unsecured printers risk misuse or disclosure of data (e.g. intruders obtaining copies of documents from device hard drives or “eavesdropping” on the typical unsecure print network traffic) and can potentially provide an opportunity for cyber criminals to use the device as a platform to attack other systems (e.g. printers can be used as part of Denial of Service attacks).

Securing your print against potential attacks or data breaches is highly recommended as part of your GDPR compliance endeavours. We’ve discovered that many companies have yet to address this potential gap in their preparations for the 25th May. Mirus Managed Print have been securing customers print environments with our 4 tiers of device security to ensure that secure print requirements are being met.

Book any of our Device Security services before the 25th May 2018 and receive a 10% reduction against our standard costs.

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