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Perfecting Your Business Telephony with Gamma Horizon

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times in our blog, moving over to a VoIP telephony system is essential with landline solutions soon to be discontinued. Yet with so many VoIP providers to choose from, how can businesses be sure they’re making the move to the right service – or that the move won’t be too disruptive?

Because Mirus only provides the industry’s leading solutions, we choose Gamma Horizon as the VoIP system of choice for our customers. What makes this the industry-leading option, and what are the benefits of moving over to its cloud telephony services?

Moving is Easy

Your first concern when moving to VoIP might be that it’ll disrupt your regular phone services. With Horizon, transitioning to the new network is seamless; you might not even notice when your new network is operational. So long as your internet connection is strong enough to support a VoIP network – and it’s very likely that your business connection is – we’ll take care of the transition ourselves to get you up and running without a hitch.

It's Flexible

Because your Gamma network is available from anywhere with a network connection, your phone lines are no longer limited by location. More importantly, the Gamma App is available for all major phone operating systems, including iPhone and Android; this means that when you make the move to Horizon, your choice of work handsets isn’t limited to a specific brand or model. And if you don’t have a handset, your laptop is just as capable of taking and making calls thanks to Horizon’s Windows and Apple device clients.

It's Manageable

If you want to keep your call volumes managed and monitored, Horizon administrators can limit, or indeed expand, the capabilities of each user. The Horizon Administrator interface makes it easy to; add, remove and search for all users; record calls for training or logging purposes; manage devices; and designate calling privileges, to name just a few options. This gives admins complete control over all users, handsets and functions, so calling capabilities are appropriate to each and every user.

It’s All-Encompassing

Your communications are digitised and available over a wide range of devices, meaning communications aren’t limited to your phone. Send voice messages or make calls using a laptop, or send your voicemail messages directly to somebody’s email address for instant listening; with a purely digital approach to communication, you’re not limited to handheld devices to share those important calls and messages.

It’s Cloud Enabled

You’re no longer at the bidding of your phone lines with Horizon, so where your standard telephone lines fail, its cloud-enabled services keep service consistent. By moving your connections off-premises, your calls are given infinite accessibility, and the added security of an external cloud system means your calls and systems are far less likely to be compromised.

Its Pricing is Simple and Flexible

With a selection of contract lengths, call bundling options and optional extras including Outlook and CRM Integration, Horizon users pay only for the times and tools that better suit their strategy. With greatly reduced calling costs both at home and abroad compared to conventional landlines, call costs are cheaper however wide your business presence.

We Take Care of Your Horizon Package for You

Having a new telephony provider doesn’t mean having a whole new point of contact. Your Horizon solution is managed and maintained by us at Mirus. If you’re already benefiting from our managed services, your telephony is handled by the same award-winning provider you’ve always used. That’s one less point of contact to worry about.  

With these benefits, we’re still merely scratching the surface of Horizon’s true calling capabilities. Yet these are the most immediate and obvious benefits, and it’s easy to see how they help you achieve the speed and security of the Modern Workplace. 

If you need to update your business telephony, or want to incorporate as part of a brand new business strategy, get in touch with Mirus. Our telephony experts can provide a solution that suits your business – right down to your choice of tariffs and handsets. Call today and ask about our FREE Telephony Health Check.


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