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Perfect Timing Microsoft Introduces New Quality of Life Updates for Teams

Perfect Timing! Microsoft Introduces New Quality of Life Updates for Teams

Microsoft has seen a staggering (if unsurprising) rise in Teams users during the worldwide lockdown – as well as stiff competition from the likes of Zoom.

Their new and upcoming updates, then, are a welcome approach to making Teams easier, more efficient and more agile for everyone.

With one ear seemingly close to the ground and both eyes firmly on competitor Zoom, Microsoft has taken a few cues from its rival and a few suggestions from the Teams community to make their upcoming June update a much more user-friendly experience.

3x3 Video Conferencing

3x3 video conferencingWhile Zoom has long since allowed for more participants on-screen at any time than Teams, Microsoft are beginning to step up their game by offering a 3x3 window view, allowing 9 participants to be seen at any one time during a meeting. As well as allowing for a tighter, more inclusive approach to video conferencing, this option has the delightful side effect of making your meetings look like the introduction to chirpy 70’s sitcom The Brady Bunch.  

Raise Hand

Raise HandWith the ‘Raise Hand’ feature, members of an online chat can notify the host of any urgent notifications or questions without interrupting the conversation. This is especially useful for meetings with high attendance numbers, such as online classes, where participants are automatically muted to keep proceedings focussed. This feature is currently being rolled out gradually along users but, when available, will be visible as a hand-shaped icon in your calling bar, which appears during any online voice or video chat. Clicking it will inform the session host that you have pending input, and they can respond at their discretion.

Multi-Window Calling

Multi Window CallingCurrently in development and with an expected release window of early June, Multi-Window Calling will allow users to open separate calls and meetings in their own window, allowing for better conversation management and optimised workflows.

Microsoft is hoping to ease users into this new function, so upon rollout it will still be disabled by default. Users can activate this new feature, when available, by going into user settings, changing their ‘General’ settings and enabling ‘Turn on new meetings and calling experiences’.

Custom Backgrounds

Custom backgroundsWhile it has been possible to import customised backgrounds into video chat, it was never an officially supported feature of Microsoft Teams. This new update makes the process much easier, allowing video chat users to add their own personalised backgrounds from within the application. While far from the most important update, it nonetheless has application for presentational purposes or corporate branding – and remains a much-requested feature for those who like to liven up those regular video conferences.

With Teams witnessing unprecedented uptake and a highly competitive market for remote working solutions, these likely aren’t the last major updates we’ll be seeing for Teams in the coming weeks.


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