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Outgrowing your ERP - Let Dynamics 365 Bring Your Business Together - Mirus IT

Outgrowing your ERP? Let Dynamics 365 Bring Your Business Together

You’ve likely heard of Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s powerful family of software designed around CRM, ERP and other integral business systems.

This broad and diverse range of software covers a wealth of specialties, industries and departments; let’s explore just one of Dynamics’ solutions here.

Dynamics 365, much like Office 365, is a cloud-enabled family of software, providing ERP and CRM solutions over a range of professions such as HR, Sales, Finance and Field Services. As you’d expect for any Microsoft range, it can leverage the capabilities of other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Power Platform, while supporting other third-party software such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud. There’s also integration with LinkedIn, Instagram and many other major websites and social media platforms.

Yet where Office 365 offers a full range of software in one package, your Dynamics 365 setup will be much more specialised.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft’s earlier ERP or CRM software, such as AX, NAV or GP, the Dynamics family incorporates (and thankfully, consolidates) them all, with the library now far more easier to distinguish with software designed for specific purposes and industries. Simplifying things further is Dynamics’ Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, with the Microsoft cloud powering everything and making your subscription available from any device. This not only eliminates your need for dedicated servers or architecture, but allows for more features to become available over time, thanks to Microsoft’s regular software updates. That’s two benefits that Microsoft’s previous ERP and CRM solutions suffered without.

There’s a staggering number of Dynamics software available, but for the small to medium enterprise, Microsoft – not to mention Mirus – recommends Dynamics 365 Business Central. This solution provides a company-wide overview of your finances, performance and projections, navigable via a simple ‘drop-down’ interface that keeps navigation intuitive.

Business Central consolidates finance, inventory, sales, purchasing and project management into a single software, keeping the company data for each within one manageable solution. From here, users can incorporate other Microsoft software, such Power BI, to create powerful automated processes for auditing, invoicing and project reports.


While Business Central also allows for intelligent, proactive solutions then, its use of collated and correlated data can be further used to make smarter business decisions. Where data from your numerous apps and processes may once have been stored on separate servers, Dynamics 365 unites them all into a single point of inspection. Not only does this make it easier to manage your data libraries, it ensures they work to a single internal logic. From here, you can make informed business decisions, forecasts and even predictions for the future, based on provable results from the past.

As an all-encompassing Enterprise Resource Planning solution, Business Central covers all key areas of your small to medium business, allowing you to expand the number of users and the full suite of capabilities as your business grows. It’s not only a great way to consolidate all your business data, it’s a proactive, intelligent new way to prepare for your company’s future growth.

If you’re outgrowing your current ERP and want a powerful new approach to your end-to-end business solutions, get in touch with Mirus today. As certified Gold Microsoft partners, we’ve the expertise to help you get up and running with your all-new enterprise solutions.

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