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Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 and Server 2008 Reach End of Life this Month – Have You Upgraded?

Christmas is but a distant memory and the New Year hangover has been thoroughly slept off – but there’s still one more date to prepare for as we navigate 2020’s inaugural month of January.

Today - January 14th 2020, official support for Windows 7 ends; that means no more security updates, no more improvement patches, and no guaranteed compatibility with new and emerging software. If you’re still using Windows 7 from this date onwards, your infrastructure is already on its way to a slow and treacherous decline, becoming less stable and less safe from breaches, viruses and errors.

As demonstrated in many of our Threat Thursday reports, unsupported operating systems soon become the target of cyber criminals, who prey on users running legacy systems by exploiting any lingering vulnerabilities in the software.

It’s not only Windows 7 that’s due for obsolescence this month, either; Windows Server 2008 will lose all extended support on the same date. For system and network admins, an upgrade to Windows Server 2019 will be essential for keeping networks and infrastructures protected.

To ensure your business is set up for today’s standards – and prepared for tomorrow’s advances – it’s important to migrate your systems to both updated systems as soon as possible. As the most recent of Microsoft's operating systems, they’ll ensures your systems are supported, compatible with the latest software releases and regularly updated to secure yourself against emerging cyber threats.

Migration is made easier with Windows 10's Enterprise and Professional editions, both of which are designed to aid your OS transition. With Windows Autopilot, you can save your system's previous configurations to the cloud, restoring the appropriate settings on your users’ endpoint devices automatically. Its enhanced productivity, synchronicity and file sharing capabilities mean the transition progress is far simpler than it’s ever been.

Nonetheless, a full system migration can be an overwhelming task – not least with so many other devices on your network. If you’re not sure how best to proceed, why not enquire about our award-winning managed services?  Our team can help you migrate your existing operating system over to the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008 environments – without disrupting your regular workload.

Our FREE Windows End of Life Assessment  can also help you identify any other performance inhibitors, so your next IT investment has you set for success. 

FREE Windows End of Life Assessment

Official support for Windows 7 finishes TODAY– concluding 10 years of Microsoft’s popular operating system.

Are you prepared? 

Book in for a comprehensive Windows End of Life check with the MTeam.


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