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No Quick-Fix for Kwik-Fit's Cyber Woes Blog

No Quick-Fix for Kwik-Fit's Cyber Woes

Kwik-Fit's Cyber Attack

Car servicing company Kwik Fit may have a reputation for efficient vehicle repairs, but when it comes to cyber security, at the beginning of this year, their IT systems appeared to have downed tools.

Mirus IT Emails

In the final weekend of January, the repair chain's IT systems had a head-on collision with some pretty vicious malware, and while nothing has been confirmed, customer anecdotes suggest that a ransomware attack was keeping the company's systems hostage. Though Kwik-Fit believed the issue resolved within the afternoon, an ensuing pile-up of technical turmoil saw them struggling with the consequences well into the next week - with refunds and appointments delayed as technicians scramble for a fix.


Thankfully, the company assured customers that their personal data had not been affected, and so far that appears to be the case; but whatever the attacker's motives, the single afternoon's attack saw Kwik-Fit struggling with the fallout.


The fact that this single attack left systems reeling for nearly two weeks should give some indication on the importance of effective cyber-security; once Kwik-Fit resolved their working issues, they'll need to address a number of lingering concerns. Until the company can confirm that nothing has been breached, that their threat-detection is still in working order, and that this kind of attack couldn't have been prevented with some simple knowledge of phishing prevention, there was plenty of work still to be done.


Kwik-Fit joins a number of high-profile cyber-attacks in the past year, including the FIFA breach of March 2018 (and a disastrous own-goal again in November), the British Airways hack of August 21st, and Reddit's data breach in June. With so many high-profile security breaches in the past year, let's hope that the businesses of 2019 - both big and small - stop learning the hard way, and from the disasters of others instead - or perhaps not....

Everything isn't always as it seems!


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