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New Windows Threat Threatens Old-Windows

All-New Exploit Threatens All-Old Windows

Another global threat has emerged....

...the scope and implications of which are being compared to the ‘WannaCry’ virus of 2017.

This exploit makes vulnerable numerous older versions of Windows – half of which are now unsupported – and has the potential to cause a worldwide outbreak affecting thousands of devices. Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems are all thought to be vulnerable. 

The loophole that allows this exploit to operate exists in each operating system’s Remote Desktop Services (RDP). RDP is commonly used for system administrators to access Windows machines, often when assisting the systems of their remote workers. It’s because of this that these machines are frequently - if not consistently - connected to the internet, making them particularly vulnerable.

With this latest discovery, attackers can gain unauthorised and unmitigated access to the entirety of any breached system, making for a potentially devastating threat.

Microsoft have issued a Security Vulnerability update on their website, and have released security updates for the two operating systems it still supports – Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. But with both of those losing official support in less than a year’s time, the importance of upgrading to newer versions of the Windows operating system has never been more apparent.

This wouldn’t be the first exploit that Windows 7 has endured this year. In March, cyber-criminals discovered a way to hijack systems using an exploit in Google Chrome and the 2009 operating system.

As always, we can’t stress enough the importance of regular software updates, ensuring your patches are up to date and a dedicated Cyber-Security Solution – one that not only protects against viruses, but has the Disaster Recovery Plan to get your systems back on track in the event of a catastrophe.  

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Meanwhile, you can see more details on Microsoft's lifecycle policy here.


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