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Let James Bond Answer Your FAQ's About Windows 8

Never Say Never Again

The danger level has certainly risen since Microsoft retired Windows XP along with all its support and security updates. Don’t give XP a licence to kill, you can easily upgrade from your XP system to Windows 7 or 8 and enjoy all the security patches and Microsoft support that goes with this.

Windows 8 is the latest offering from Microsoft and it is the 007 of the business world, it’s cool as a cucumber and prepared for anything. Take a leaf out of the MI6 handbook and see how Windows 8 could help you run your business like the British super-spy:

james bond bw

001) I've Heard it's Very Different?

The new 'tile' look of Windows 8 can be daunting if you have been used to using the windows 7 or XP operating systems but Windows 8 really is a marvellous tool that engages with all the latest gadgets from Q branch to make your life so much easier. Windows 8 flows and makes life very simple through its easy user interface, for example:

  • Start typing any word into the start screen and it will come up immediately with all your results.
  • You can easily add new apps from the ‘store' on your homepage.
  • By clicking 'customise' in the bottom right hand corner of the start screen you can arrange your apps into different groups and rename the groups 'Work' 'Finance' 'News' etc for easy access to your most used applications.
  • If there's an application you use all the time then pin it to the Start screen and it'll be available at a click.

002) I'm Worried I Won't be Able to Find Anything

If you are suddenly feeling a bit shaken and stirred with the new look of your operating system, don’t panic..

  • All you need to do is hit the desktop tile on-screen or press the windows key+D and immediately you will be back with your familiar desktop page.
  • The windows button on your keyboard takes you back to the start screen where all your apps are such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • The 'help & tips' tile is located on your start screen in case you need assistance.
  • Right-click in the bottom-left corner (or hold down the Windows key and press X) for a text-based menu that provides easy access to lots of useful apps and features.

003) So What Else is New?

With a nod to the suave, sophisticated nature of Ian Fleming's most famous character, Microsoft has introduced quick links that you can access by swiping your mouse in from the bottom right hand corner of the screen on any page, they are called 'charms' and they are very useful...

  • Search - Click on this and search immediately for any apps, documents, files or web results.
  • Share - You can share a screenshot of your computer quickly and easily with Facebook, Twitter or via email.
  • Start - Switches between your app screen and your recognisable desktop with the simple click of a button.
  • Devices - Play films and business demo's quickly, print pages with one click and gain swift access to your projector.
  • Settings - Your monitor settings, power button and control panel all within easy reach.


004) Are The Basics Still the Same?

Much like James’s beloved Aston Martin, Windows 8 is slickly designed and never loses its fundamental assets of speed and reliability, but this time around the security has been boosted and Windows 8 has a new feature which runs automatic maintenance tasks such as software updates, security scanning and diagnostic tests on a daily basis.

As with the Aston's surreptitious rocket launchers, Windows 8's undercover features really pack a punch by creating a secure and modern platform for devices which are designed to deliver the simple user experience people want and provide businesses with the top of the line capabilities that they need.

005) Is it as Flexible as They Say?

In business as in the secret service you need to be able to get around and move at the drop of a steel rimmed bowler hat, taking your devices easily and securely with you. Windows 8 allows your workforce to easily transport their office with them wherever they go, plus their experience will look the same across their range of laptops, phones, PC's and tablets. This consistent experience enables businesses to create a more mobile workforce that are able to be more productive and collaborate any time, from anywhere.

006) What's the Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1?

Windows 8 was the original offering from Microsoft with the updated 8.1 version coming out earlier this year. The new updated version came with quite a few updates but the significant change being that you can now boot directly to the desktop after logging in, pleasing millions of users as they had the familiar desktop back. This does make the transition from an older operating system to Windows 8 a lot less scary and a lot more user friendly.


Live and Let Die

Unfortunately,for Windows 8 to live, XP had to die and if you are still not ready to upgrade there are a few things you can do in the short term while you wonder whether to stick with your current Operating system or gamble and take the upgrade, just remember James bond never got the girl by folding his cards.

Luckily for us the world will never be enough for Microsoft and they will continue to upgrade their products to bring you bigger and better technology, so keep your business up to date and don’t miss out on your chance for world domination.

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