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National Apprenticeships Week 2020 Success Stories from Mirus Apprentices

National Apprenticeships Week 2020: Success Stories from Mirus Apprentices

It’s National Apprenticeships Week, and once again Mirus is supporting the nation’s learners and earners on their career journeys.

Knowing the benefits that apprenticeships bring to both students and businesses, we’re delighted that this year’s theme; ‘Look Beyond’ explores the unique benefits (and a few myths!) surrounding this practical approach to learning.

In the past 5 years, Mirus has employed 20 apprentices; each working in a range of departments, from Marketing to Accounts and Service Desk roles. We caught up with some who were still learning, and others who had since found permanent employment with us.

When Imogen Carpenter first started as our Procurement Apprentice in 2018 (you can see just how far Immy and other Mirus apprentices have come by checking out this blog), she was taking her first driving lessons and still living at home; now, she’s our Procurement Specialist with keys to both her own car and her first home.Imogen Carpenter - Mirus IT

I was able to learn so much not only about my role but working within a company. Since passing my Customer Service Apprenticeship, I feel that I am still discovering so much and with my experiences, my career is really growing.”Backy Hawkes - Mirus IT

Becky Hawkes, our Procurement Manager, explains why Imogen makes such a valuable addition to the team: 

…it was great to see Imogen progress in the role whilst also working towards her qualification. Now that Imogen has passed (which was an amazing achievement) and is a fully-fledged Procurement Specialist, we are both looking forward to inviting a new trainee to the Procurement team, helping them achieve their qualifications and learn within a fantastic job role!”

If you think you'd be a great fit for the procurement team, why not apply for that very vacancy today? Just click here for more info!

George Hudson has worked across many of our Service Desk teams, hitting some impressive milestones along the way:Geogre Hudson - Mirus IT

“Since graduating I’ve really been able to progress in my career. I’ve applied the skills I’ve picked up along the way to different areas of the business and have enjoyed studying and working at the same time.”

Sarah Mott - Mirus IT

Like George, Sarah Mott recognises her journey as an entry into a long and evolving career. She’s now been at Mirus for over 5 years, running the accounts for our Telephony Division and becoming an AAT Level 3 Qualified Accountant:

“…this apprenticeship gave me the confidence and skills I needed to be able to create a great career for myself, whilst enjoying my job and developing along the way!”


Jack Rosindell, our Service Operations Engineer, shares the same enthusiasm for learning while earning:Jack Rosindell - Mirus IT

“I really recommend apprenticeships to anyone who wants to get work experience whilst earning a wage and studying towards qualifications.”

Ronni Murray - Miurs IT


…as does our Marketing assistant, Ronni Murray, who’s in the final stages of her Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship:

“Whilst all my friends were choosing what to study at uni, I wanted to get into a job, but still work towards qualifications. An apprenticeship seemed the perfect route for me and it has allowed me to both learn in a work environment, and gain qualifications – all whilst being paid!”  


Ronni has previously shared her thoughts on her first week with us in the Mirus blog. Pippa Loveridge, our Head ofPippa Loveridge - Mirus IT Marketing, has had Ronni on her team for over a year and says of her progress:

”Fresh and willing to learn, Ronni very quickly became a great asset to the Marketing Team here at Mirus. Undertaking various projects in order to have the right experience to achieve her qualifications, she was quick to learn and, to be honest, thirsty to do more! Ronni now has so much experience in all aspects of the marketing mix, that even without the qualification she’s working towards, she’s gained invaluable skills for any marketing team. She’s a delight to work with, has a thick skin for critique (which in marketing and design is a great asset!), and loves what she does. I have no doubt that she’ll sail through her final project and continue to be a huge member of the marketing team.”

Joe Humphries - Mirus ITJoe Humphries and Harry Shaw suffered some troubling circumstances when their course organisers were unexpectedly shut down in the middle of their qualification – yet they still managed to graduate in November thanks to their dedication and with the support of MK College:

….I really enjoyed it, you got hands-on experience in the job that you enjoy, and it was a lot less theory based than something like a uni degree” - JoeHarry Shaw - Mirus IT

“I was at school doing A levels, which I wasn’t enjoying. I had another friend go into an apprenticeship and he was very successful, earning at a young age. I decided at the end of the first year I would leave and try taking a new path, and IT was my first choice.” Harry

Rachael Jeffryes - Mirus ITRachael Jeffryes, our Accounts Assistant, wasn’t keen on the straight-to-college route either:

I knew going to college fulltime just wasn’t for me, but I was keen to learn and push myself. In college or university, you can learn new skills but with this, I had the ability to apply them on a day-to-day basis.”

Matt Finch, studying to become a Level 3 IT Technician, had his eyes on a career in IT. Matt Finch - Miurs ITHis qualification was the perfect entry point:

“After finishing school, I wanted to continue studying IT, so doing an apprenticeship was great for me to be able to learn whilst working towards my qualifications at college”.

Doug Fox - Miurs ITDoug Fox also recognised his IT career opportunities:

“I wanted to go straight into the working world and build my skills on the job. It also seemed like a better way to understand IT as it is more ‘hands on’ than any lecture about it.”

Danil Clements joined Mirus last year having finished his A Levels, and is working towards his Level 3 IT InfrastructureDanil Clements - Mirus IT-1 Technician apprenticeship.

“… this, in my opinion, was the best way to learn modern, up-to-date software, techniques and practises. Mirus provides adequate training and has opened many new doors for me.”

Nyall Wilson - Mirus ITNyall Wilson also joined Mirus in 2019 to earn his Level 3 IT Infrastructure Technician qualification:

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time at Mirus IT so far, I feel that I'm learning something new daily, enhancing my skills, and gaining new ones. This is what attracted me to working here, coupled with my interest in computers. I'm readily given the resources and experience to see my tangible growth as a technician, where I can work with computers on a daily basis

Fabia Davis is our most recent applicant, joining the MTeam as our new apprentice Internal Systems Engineer:Fabia Davies - Miurs IT

“During a work experience placement, a friend discussed how she was just putting in a deposit for a house, while her friends were graduating university with student loans to pay back. This really showed me how apprenticeships get you further along your career path and potentially secure you a job at the end...”

Ben Nigro is our Technical Team Leader, who oversees our Technical Apprentices throughout their journey. He had this to say of their progress within Mirus:

“Apprenticeships are an excellent way to enter the world of professional IT services. Although the programme spans 2 years, those that join Mirus IT often get hands-on experience right from the start.

Combining the exceptional experience gained on the programme with the training and courses provided, apprentices gain the knowledge and confidence to be the next generation of superstar engineers in the company.

Ours are developed alongside the Mirus Values and Behaviours, building on the core principles of Teamwork, Improvement and Culture. Overall, apprentices are a huge part of Mirus, helping to give our customers the first-class service they are familiar with.”

Lee Osborn - Mirus IT


Our HR and Recruitment Manager, Lee Osborn, concurs:

“For us at Mirus IT, it isn’t what the apprentices can do for us, it is what we can do for them. Our aim is to give them the tools that they need to succeed in their chosen career and for them to become the future leaders in the workplace.”


For more on the work and culture of Mirus IT, check out our New Year, New Role blog, demonstrating what makes Mirus such a vibrant, rewarding place both to learn and to work. If you’re thinking about kick starting your career or joining a team with a history of delivering award-winning service, make sure you give us a shout!

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If you didn't already gather, we're invested in our people, and we provide career progressions. We're an Award-Winning Managed Service Provider and are always looking for excellent candidates to join the MTeam. Could our next MTeam Member be you?



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