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Apprenticeship week 2018 Blog

National Apprenticeships Week

The theme for the #NAW2018 is ‘Apprenticeships Work’, showcasing how apprenticeships work, for individuals, for employers and for the community. This week, we're going to share some of our apprentices' stories, why they chose an apprenticeship, how they're finding it, and what their future plans are.

We're incredibly proud of our apprentices and are thrilled to be able to do all we can to ensure we're expanding their career prospects, we hope to inspire them to reach for the sky in their chosen career.

Meet our seventh apprentice, Jordan Martin.

Jordan Martin

Jordan is 20 and is our Internal Systems Engineer Apprentice working to keep our internal IT systems in order.

“I’ve been here for over a year now, before joining Mirus as an apprentice, I was kitchen porter in Dobbies Garden Centre, I went to 6th form after school and studied IT and Computing at AS level, but I’m not good in exams and wasn’t happy with the grades I got. I then went to college to get a broader view of IT and to get a better idea of what aspect of IT I enjoyed doing the most. While at College, I did some work experience at Mirus IT in the workshop and it went really well! I finished my college degree with a DDM and was offered a role at Mirus as Service Desk Support, which I declined as I don’t want to do service desk work. I went for a few interviews elsewhere as an apprentice but didn’t find a role that I wanted, then I received a call from Lee, who looks after HR at Mirus IT. There was an internal role for internal support and they wanted me to come in. This was a great opportunity purely given to me on that one week’s work experience, the guys at Mirus already knew me and I was offered the role. I’ve been here ever since.

I hope to finish my apprenticeship in the next few weeks and progress my career with Mirus, all the staff here have been offered the opportunity to do a part time university, which is fully funded by the company, I hope to complete a network degree while at Mirus. I’m definitely here for the long haul.

I currently ride a motorbike to work and am saving for a car and a deposit for my own place. None of my friends, completed or to be honest, even looked at apprenticeships and the opportunities they have now are much more limited than mine, in fact they even wish that they’d looked at apprenticeships before.

Working while learning and getting paid, it’s a no brainer! When I’m not saving the IT universe at Mirus, I’m a big gammer, I enjoy a variety of sub genres of metal music and love going to gigs.  I’m just about to go back into playing in a band, as I’m a bassist.

I would recommend anyone to do an apprenticeship, the experience you get from working is invaluable, you can study for your degree and get paid and get experience, all of which sets you up for better career opportunities.”


Jordan Martin (1).jpg


Meet our sixth apprentice, Rachael Jeffryes.

Rachael Jeffryes

Rachael is 18 and has been with Mirus since September 2016.

“When I was 16. I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to gain the independence of earning and learning, I’ve always been independent so going to a full-time work environment didn’t phase me. Becoming a master of one subject in a more structured environment, with a specific subject matter, rather than the chaos of school curriculums, really appealed to me. It was focused, and specific learning and I was getting paid, which was much more appealing that going to sixth form or college.

I’ve always been quite mature and going into the work environment was the perfect place for me to learn and apply myself better. I’ve inspired two other friends to take the route of apprenticeships, where you can learn, earn and get qualifications. It’s the best of both worlds. My friends in college and sixth form have part time work that must fit around their tutelage which means they’re working late nights and weekends and don’t have the social life that I do.

I love how systematic my role is, I’m in accountancy, and my daily objectives make my days more structured and my role interesting. I moved out of home in 2017 and live with my partner of almost three years. I’m a very social person and often go clubbing and to the pub, I drive and have an adopted cat called Alfie.

I’m taking my next set of exams this year and am looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment when I get them, I’d love to progress my career into a management position and I’m really looking forward to my future.

It was the best decision to start an apprenticeship, I’m 18 and I have a house and a car and great career prospects, my family are incredibly proud of me, and I think I’m proud of me too!.”

Rachael Jeffryes.jpg

Meet our fifth apprentice, Sarah Warren (soon to be Mott!).

Sarah Warren

Sarah is in her 20’s and has worked at Mirus IT for almost 5 years after starting as an apprentice and working her way up to her current role Mirus Telephony Accountant.

“I decided I’d rather earn money while I learnt so an apprenticeship was the perfect solution for me. I wanted to look to do something different, something that was a good transferable skill and had the potential to offer me a great career. I chose Accountancy.

I love a challenge, and the outdoors, I’m a step parent to two wonderful children who are 8 and 5 years old. I’m currently planning my wedding and I’m also a big baker and a puzzler. I run regularly with Alison who works with me at Mirus, as we live in the same village.

Mirus is a great place to work, I received a lot of support from Tom and Aishling when I started, I was immediately made part of the team and have loved it here since. The team moral here is great, I really enjoy my chosen career and the people I work with.

I’m looking forward to my wedding and planning our future as a family, 2018 is going to be a great year.”


Sarah Warren (1).jpg

Meet our fourth apprentice, Matthew Williams.

Matthew Williams

Matthew has been with Mirus for almost two years and is an Operations Technician in our Service Operations Department.

“I’m 21 and kinda in shock about that, time has flown by! I finished my apprenticeship towards the end of last year when I was offered the full-time role just before I took an excellent holiday in Florida just missing the awful tornados that they had last year. I live near Bedford and drive to work each day, I still live with my parents and am starting to save, although I’m not sure it’s a stable market now and I’m enjoying the financial freedom I have at the moment.

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I finished my GCSE, I got good grades and wanted to do 6th form, I really didn’t take it seriously for the first year, and only did well at IT and History. I preferred IT (being a gamer, I find IT interesting, I also wanted to be able to fix my own computers!). I started at college, and completed an IT course and half way through the course, I attended an apprentice fair and made sure I had an up to date CV. I spoke to a few companies including Mirus and got a call the next day to come in for an interview. I started part time at Mirus while doing part-time at college to complete my courses, I also had a part time role at Waitrose.

Spending time at Mirus provided me with the work experience in an industry that I wanted to be in was really beneficial, so I left Waitrose to go full time in my apprenticeship at Mirus and complete my studies, I’ve been here ever since which is almost two years (we get cards for our yearly anniversaries).

When I’m not at work, I’m a gamer and write using Discord for ideas to complete short stories, I really enjoy playing table top RPGs too and am part of a local group.

I would absolutely recommend apprenticeships! If sixth form isn’t working it may not be for you, take a look at an apprenticeship and college/additional study and be focused on one thing that you enjoy and learn all about that. Be dedicated to that one subject that you love and can apply in real life and get a career at the same time. The majority of my friends went to university, In fact one of my friends has just studied, and has had no work experience at all, he doesn’t know anything about a work environment. Most of my friends still haven’t got a career or work experience, doing an apprenticeship opens up your friendship groups and enhances you as a person I would recommend it to anyone.”.

Matthew Williams Mirus IT National Apprenticeships Week

Meet our third apprentice, Jack Rosindell.

Jack Rosindell

Jack has been with Mirus for over two years and is a System Engineer in Service Operations.

““I'm 22 and finished my apprenticeship last year, I started off a one year level 2 college course diploma in IT as soon as I finished school. MK College was happy with me so I did the level 3 diploma in IT for another two years, and after I finished my level 3, I was approached by Paul Tomlinson who had heard about us through the college, and was asked to come and do some work experience. I went out on site to visit customers, rebuilt machines, installed devices with a field engineer – all within a week. Paul asked if I wanted to join the apprenticeship scheme, so I completed my level 3 with the college and here at Mirus. I did just one day a week at college and the rest of the time I was here.

I really enjoyed the course itself when Julie came on board as a teacher at the college, having her around for the apprenticeship scheme really helped me. The best thing about being in Mirus was the experience, I learnt so much more at work that I did at college, I was pushed further and was given more opportunities, I was put on a specialist ‘speed track’ course along with two other colleagues at Mirus. I feel that I am really being pushed at work to be the best I can be. Some of the guys from my course did their apprenticeships at a large company in Milton Keynes but didn’t get a place in the company afterwards, despite this, they’re still in a much better place to secure a great job in the industry they love. Experience is key.

With more apprentices coming into Mirus, the current apprentices can pass our roles to them which means that we can progress through the company taking some of the burden from my more experienced colleagues.

Outside of work I’m a big car enthusiast, I’m admin of a BMW owners group and own my own my own BMW 1 series MSport. I organise Owners Meets and we get together quite often to talk about the cars and modifications and issues. I’m mainly out and about at the weekends going to BMW meets, I’m also a gamer with a PlayStation 4 and do online gaming with some of the guys from Mirus too.

My girlfriend and I are saving to move in a house when my girlfriend has finished her university course.  I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship, I feel as if I lost out on getting in-work experience and earning a wage while I studied at college. I could have had best of both worlds if I had started my apprenticeship earlier.”

Jack Rosindell.jpg

Meet our second apprentice, George Hudson.

George Hudson

George is 20 and has been with Mirus for a year.

“My original plan was to go travelling, so I was working in McDonalds to pay for travelling, travelling never transpired, and I wanted a role in media or IT, I didn’t have the best exam results, and I knew I was never going to get into either of those industries with what I had, so an apprenticeship was the way forward. I chose IT or media and had a couple of interviews within the media role, but after speaking to the team here at Mirus, I thought it sounded really interesting. My Dads’ heavily into IT, he used to get me to help him build computers and I had work experience in my Dad’s IT company too. IT is always changing and there will always be a need for people working in IT, it’s a great career choice. I love it.

Playing games, social media, ordering items, IT is everywhere, to be a part of the industry at an early age sets me up well for the future.  I have no idea where I want to be in ten years, but I think it’s going to be in IT, perhaps a project role. I’d love to stay here after my apprenticeship, I have another five months of this course to be a first line engineer and hope to join the accelerator track to become a second line engineer at Mirus.

I love to travel and have a YouTube channel as I'd love to become a travel blogger in the future. I live with my parents and sister but am looking forward to moving out in the next year or so. I own my car, love to drive, love going to the cinema action and really love a good adventure film. I did media at college which has driven my love for films. My friends generally have jobs or are still studying and my girlfriend studies law at university.”

George Hudson Mirus IT Apprentice Awareness Week

We'd like to introduce you to our first apprentice, Imogen Carpenter.

Imogen Carpenter

Imogen/Immy is just 17 years old, and originally from Princes Risborough. Immy moved to Milton Keynes just two years ago and completed her GSCE’s and is now part of the Mirus apprentices team.

“I wanted to be earning money and in work rather than stuck in school and worrying about exams. I feel more confident in a work environment. I have a part time job doing make-up and hair, I love animals, have a great group of friends who I spend time with and I love walking. I live with my mum and my step-dad, and I’m currently learning to drive, I’m really looking forward to being ‘free’ when I pass my test to come and go as I please.

I’ve been at Mirus since the beginning of February 2018, I’m enjoying it as it’s good to be in a work environment and not at school and I’m learning a lot through working. My team are good fun and make the days go quicker, my team love their ‘shenanigans’ which is not what I expected in a work environment.

I’m not sure what I want to do when I get older, but I want to learn and earn as I find out what I enjoy doing, so I’m more experienced to make the best career choice I can.”

Imogen Carpenter Mirus IT Apprentice


Find out more about the National Apprenticeships Week here, or if you'd like to know more about the opportunities at Mirus, get in touch here.

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