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MTeam Monthly Blog – November 2020

Christmas is coming! But before we start bombarding you with the MTeam festivities, we’ll take a look at what the MTeam got up to in November.

We had a good month which included sharing some gifts, welcoming some new starters, and – yes - a few of us put our trees up early.

We’d like to welcome our two newest MTeam members – Sam Sivaprakasam and Jai Maugi. Sam has joined the Service Operations team as our Reporting Analyst, while Jai has joined our Professional Services team as a Project Manager. A big warm welcome to both of you! Plant

The Senior Management Team surprised the MTeam crew again with another end-of-month treat - not with sweets this time, but with these splendid household plants! We think these lovely gifts have a very good chance of lasting longer in the MTeam’s hands than last months huge pack of sweets did …and from the pics we’ve been sent by the MTeam, it seems the plants went down a treat! Here’s how Pippa settled her plant into her home – or ‘social bubbles’.

These leafy gifts aren’t the only foliage to enter the homes of the MTeam, however as our Christmas trees have also started going up!

From left to right, Jack kicked off early, putting his tree up on the 1st November! Simon shortly followed suit, as did Imogen and George, while Becky didn’t stop at one tree, but two! 

Jack's 2020 Christmas TreeSimon's 2020 Christmas TreeImmy and George's 2020 Christmas TreeBecky's first 2020 Christmas TreeBecky's second 2020 Christmas Tree  

Our second line up of trees, sees Tom joining in on the action with his resplendant tree, along with Chris's, or more specifically, his wife's pink tree. Ryan joined the festivities with his two sparkly smaller trees, and Robert ensured his very decorated tree, was next to the fireplace - lovely.

ToomChrisRyan LRyan L 2Robert         

Ronni – fresh from decorating the Mirus office Christmas tree - put her own decorations up, and Santa has pride of place.  Sarah M  decorated not just her rather large golden tree, but her whole house! Gareth waited until the weekend to put his tree together, as did Sarah B, and both were worth the wait! Finally, Karla's lovely moonlit tree wraps up November’s festive parade.

1112131415          We’re sure next month’s blog will have even more wonderful trees to share with you all, so thanks to everyone who sent theirs in – we’re loving them!

And finally, we’ll end this month in the usual style with our Colleague of the Month award. November’s award went to the one and only Simon Mason, whose commitments simply couldn’t go unnoticed by the other MTeam members. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

"Top Bloke!!”

“Always willing to help, always has a smile on his face”

“All round good guy who always wants to do the right thing for Mirus and our customers”

Well done Simon!

Well, that's the last monthly blog of 2020! We’ve ended on a high though! We’ll see you in 2021!

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