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June Monthly Blog Header Mirus IT

MTeam Monthly Blog – June 2020

Well, we’re halfway through the year and still, the welcoming glow of the Mirus office remains but a distant memory.

But if you thought Mirus couldn’t make another fantastic month out of June, you don’t know the MTeam!

The month started off with this lovely gesture from Harry’s Rainbow. As you may remember, we’ve made Harry’s Rainbow our June Monthly Mirus ITchosen charity this year, with our fundraising efforts helping them to make lives happier for bereaved children and their families. While we haven’t quite had the chance to do as much volunteer work as we would like – once again owing to the national lockdown! – we’re continuing to support this wonderful charity as best we can.

As for the MTeam, there’s plenty for our members to celebrating in another month of accolades, achievements and advancements.

Ronni Murray, our resident social media guru, has proven her marketing chops and passed her Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship! Were it not for Ronni, we wouldn’t have half of the stuff that we pack into this blog every month; including the photos, video and co-worker quotes that she so diligently sources. Congratulations Ronni, and well deserved indeed!

Meanwhile Gareth Davies, who’s gone from strength to strength as our Workshop Manager, Systems Technician and now our Field June Monthly Mirus ITServices Manager, has hit another important milestone; his 5th Year Anniversary as a member of the MTeam! Through his dedication to each and every role, Gareth has progressed continuously through is role at Mirus, and we look forward to where his future with the company takes him next. Congratulations Gareth!

It’s worth noting that while everyone else has been working from the comfort of their living rooms, Gareth has been toiling in the Mirus offices - keeping a watchful eye over all as he continues his role as Field Services Manager. He’s even curated a crew of, erm… ‘understudies’ to take the places of senior management - and to nap on should he ever get tired.


Gareth’s taken the time to familiarise himself with the animals around the area, all of which are feeling much braver with fewer MTeam members around! As well as litter of rabbits which hop along the bushes of the car park, he’s been visited every morning by a crow that taps demandingly on the office windows. If the works of Poe or Hitchcock have taught us anything, he might want to treat that one feathered friend with caution…


It’s not just the Mirus offices suffering an animal invasion however; our home-working MTeam members are welcoming some cuddly co-workers into their daily routine too. Pippa, our Head of Marketing, recently welcomed two new arrivals to her home and workspace, while Becky and Ryan discover the benefits of a feline frontline for their own working weeks!

                              June Monthly Mirus ITJune Monthly Mirus ITJune Monthly Mirus IT

Of course, there’s two very important ways to mark the end of a Mirus month: with our Colleague of the Month and our regular Friday Feed – which returned this month after a brief hiatus. Thanks for that, Covid 19.

Our Colleague of the Month is none other than Chris Russell, our Pre-Sales Technical Consultant! Some of the praise for Chris includes:

"He’s been great on all client facing meetings and very helpful on the opportunities that I’m working on."

"Chris has made himself available at short notice to help me with client proposals and meetings. He’s been a star!"

"Chris has been a superstar recently so gets my vote"

Congratulations on all your hard work, Chris!

Finally, as regular readers of our monthly blog might know, we like to cap off the month with our regular Friday Feed, bringing everyone together for a massive lunchtime event that has seen pizzas, Greek food, Jamaican curries and pancakes on the menu – to name just a few.

Sadly, the lockdown had stunted the Friday Feeds for a couple of months – lunches don’t translate well over Teams meetings, y’see – and we were hungry for another office-wide treat.

June Monthly Mirus ITWell, once again, the kind folks at the Senior Management Team (Sideburns, Sauna Man, Finchy and Ginger, by their own chosen nicknames) took care of that this June. We each received a rather splendid Just Eat voucher so we could all share a Friday Feed of our own choosing. While we don’t yet know what everyone in the team went for, I’d like to share my recommendation for the Milton Keynes area: Toppings Noodles and Burgers. Get yourself a double bacon cheeseburger, with a dollop of American-style mustard and a handful of dill pickles. Order yourself some rustic oven-cooked chips and wash it all down with a peach ice tea. You will never be unhappy again.

June Monthly Mirus IT

A huge thank you to the kind chaps in the SMT – that was the perfect end to another busy month!

And a huge thanks to all our clients too, for your patience and understanding as we try to orchestrate all your home working, security and technical issues in this difficult time. We’re still knocking our monthly statistics out of the park and are still determined to keep delivering that award-winning service.

Until next month!

Our offices may be closed, but our lines are still open for expert advice and assistance!

Get in touch with us below!



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