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April Monthly Blog Mirus IT

April 2020’s Monthly Roundup

Despite being stuck at home all April, the MTeam still found their own ways to make the most of the national lockdown. 

From enjoying the weekly quiz to running the London Marathon from our own front gardens, April proved you just can’t keep a good team down.

The Mirus office, like many across the UK, remains eerily empty as the staff continue to offer their award-winning services from home. So, while we missed out on another month of regular staff benefits like the Friday Feed, we still made the most of what April had left to offer (excluding April Fool’s Day – somehow it seemed much less appropriate this year!).

Still, the kind folk in the Senior Management Team (or the ‘Easter Bunnies’, as we’ve dubbed them, Tom, Dan, PT, Chris and Richard) were determined that we wouldn’t miss out on some Easter treats. There’s a stockade of Easter eggs waiting to be delivered upon our return to the office – not a bad way to celebrate our eventual return!

Otherwise, there’s very little that happened in the Mirus office this month to report on, which is why we’ve taken the blog to the offices of our home workers instead! Just how have we been staying sane throughout the April lockdown, and what do some of our home office setups look like?

Dans home office

Our Sales Director Dan Sharp faced fresh accusations of luxury and truancy this month, reporting via Teams seemingly from a glorious spa resort. He has since been forced to prove that it is, in fact, a purpose built office and games room in his garden. He refuses to divulge just how much table football he has been playing, however. 



Danny at home, in his office

Duncan's home office

Danny, our Head of Service Operations, shared his office setup, which would be perfect were it not for the house plant invading his personal space, and Duncan, our Service Desk Engineer has set up shop in his own personal gym, keeping both his mind and body active as he works through the lockdown…


Sarah's home office


Sarah, our Telephony and Accounts Assistant, has also settled nicely into her home, and new home office, and James is getting on famously with his furry new co-worker, who might not do much in the way of work but is always on hand for some cheerful belly rubs…


Robert's home office


Robert Morris, our Client IT Manager, has also shared with us what his new at home office looks like. It’s another cosy-looking outbuilding, though we wonder if he could possibly squeeze more laptop screens in?


Ryan Lightfoot, one of our Account Managers, has been really making the most of the sunshine; going on country walks, having BBQs and playing poker in the garden with a pint. Despite the lack of evidence, we’re told he does occasionally do some work here and there(!).    

Ryan with his local cowsRyan taking it easyRyan's impressive BBQ

Becky's superb cakeBecky, our Procurement Manager, has had one heck of a month, celebrating both her birthday and her almost-wedding day (which was sadly postponed, due to current events). That didn’t stop her friends and loved ones dropping by the house to share the love (with social distancing rules still applying, mind you!) and tucking into this brilliant birthday cake.


Becky's wedding (that has been postponed)Meanwhile, she’s kept herself busy with BBQs, another workforce of lazy feline co-workers and her curious pet project; fulfilling a year-long promise to Senior Client Manager, Andy Guy, she’s painted a Chelsea FC-themed garden gnome! We’d like to send our heartfelt congratulations to Becky and her fiancé Adam - both now and for their wedding day next year!


Becky's bbq Becky's gnome Becky' desk

Finally, Ronni and her boyfriend James (well, mostly James) tried their hand at some homemade pasta! Ronni making pasta

Simon completing the 'London' Marathon' 2020It’s not only work that has kept us busy at home, however. Simon, our Service Delivery Manager, couldn’t take part in the London Marathon this year for obvious reasons, but completed the 2.6 challenge in the confines of his own front garden! He’s still raising money for Action MS, helping victims of multiple sclerosis and their families, over on his JustGiving page, so do please head on over if you’d like to make a small donation and help him reach his £2000 goal!



Of course, we still can’t forget the achievements of our Colleague of the Month, with the landslide victory this month going to none other than Steve Clements, who’s been working tirelessly. Here’s what his teammates had to say:

“Always helping others, and always going above and beyond”

“I don’t think our service desk could have survived without him!”

“…He’s done incredibly well”

“He’s always been a ledge”

“The man is an absolute legend!”

“He’s worked hard all hours to get things working seamlessly again. The man is a legend.”

“He goes above and beyond in every task he undertakes”.

The kind words don’t lie; Steve is, indeed, a legend. In his modesty, Steve attributes just a little of his success to his two at-home Office and Communications Managers, pictured below – but we think we know where all the hard work really came from.

Steve Colleague of the month Jedi Steve Colleague of the month Red Jnr

Well done Steve, and keep up the excellent work – we couldn’t be more grateful.

So, how else have we been making it through the month? We’re still loving our weekly online quizzes, kindly brought to us by those in the Sales and Marketing team. Many thanks to April’s quiz masters Imogen, Pete, Ryan and Dan, who’ve put together some awesome challenges throughout the month. And congratulations to this month’s quiz winners; Ryan, Becky, Pete and Laura. Where does all that random knowledge come from?!

Speaking of knowledge, our Digital Marketing Apprentice Ronni has passed yet another HubSpot exam, this time the Contextual Marketing Qualification. Ronni’s always been studious and eager to learn, and this is yet another qualification under her belt. Well done Ronni!

Finally, let’s close out the blog by celebrating the #LoveMK movement that ended April. As a Milton Keynes based business, we’re always supporting the community’s local businesses, events and charities, and there’s plenty on offer in this bustling town – something that LoveMK are always keen to promote. For us in the Mirus office, we love the city’s many hidden green spots – including the wonderful river and country parks near the Mirus office.

We’d also like to give a shout out to the town’s local franchise of Really Awesome Coffee. Before the lockdown, they’d show up at the Mirus offices every day to the delight of many of our coffee-loving workers. Becky just wanted to raise a steaming hot toast to the folk at Really Awesome for arranging a home delivery for her recently – absolutely excellent customer service.

While we might not be back in the office again by the end of next month, we’ll still be providing the same great remote services, finding plenty of new ways to stay connected and keeping the workplace vibrant. We’ll see you all again then!

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