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MK College Blog Header A Partnership Driving Careers

MK College and Mirus - A Partnership Driving IT Careers

As a Managed Service Provider, we’re not interested in being a vendor – we aspire to work with companies on a synergised, collaborative work environment, with long-lasting support and a strong working relation. Which is why we’re especially pleased with our relationship with MK College.

Over the past few years, Mirus and MK College have become official partners, providing one another with the opportunities and benefits for a truly collaborative relationship. Where Mirus has transformed the College’s infrastructure for greater security, ease of use and modernised client devices, MK College has nurtured a whole new generation of talent for the MTeam – with their apprenticeship scheme providing new and innovative technicians for our ever-evolving workforce.

With this relationship, we at Mirus see MK College as more than just clients; they’re colleagues, and we’re proud to be one half of this excellent working union.

Jane Horridge, the recent Director of Corporate and Strategic External Affairs at MK College, says:

“We are very proud of our longstanding partnership with Mirus IT; the mutual benefits of working together are massive. Our close collaboration enhances the learning experience of our students; we in turn we are able to recruit and support high quality apprentices that become the 1st line Engineers that Mirus IT need to achieve their business objectives. The College is currently awaiting the outcome of a £28M bid to create an Institute of Technology (IOT) at Bletchley Park, for which Mirus IT is a supporting partner. We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship in 2019 – it looks set to be an exciting year!"

Mirus' Managing Director, Paul Tomlinson, is an ambassador for MK college, having been awarded the Milton Keynes College Honorary Fellowship Award in 2017. Recognising Paul's outstanding contributions to such initiatives as the College's partners scheme and leadership centre, it's the highest available accolade from the establishment. Speaking of awards, our collaborative efforts saw George Hudson, an MK College apprentice, nominated for an IT Apprentice of the Year Award following his exceptional efforts at Mirus.

Paul elaborated on his passion for our partnership, commenting:

“The IT industry is thriving, and despite being well established with a 16  year legacy, we struggle to fill roles with suitable candidates due to the huge skills gap throughout the industry. Traditional recruitment methods simply don’t produce the calibre of applicants that our industry, our team, and our clients require.

"We’ve been working with MK College for about 4 years now, with the strategy to develop the skills of entry level engineers to become technical proficient, dedicated and well educated 1st line Engineers. It’s been an excellent decision as the calibre of candidates has been brilliant.

"We have 4 engineers who are now fully qualified and part of the Service Delivery Team, 2 employed in non-technical roles within Mirus and 7 apprentices currently enrolled. Our relationship with MK College is very important to Mirus, we’re a member of the College Partner's Programme and we launched our Apprenticeship Accelerator in the summer of 2017, investing in the growth and development of our team and company. In the same year I was delighted to be presented with the Milton Keynes Honorary Fellowship Award for 2017, which means that I’m an Ambassador for MK College.

"As a partner, MK College have been excellent in the recruitment of apprentices and the ongoing delivery of support surrounding their apprenticeships, we look forward to many more years of working together.”

Providing clients with the best possible service means hiring the best employees. Our apprentices are a huge part of our development, bringing brand new insight and opportunities to the Mirus team. Spending 80% of their working week at Mirus, and 20% at MK College, our apprentices graduate not only with qualifications, but lifelong skills and opportunities for the future.

Lee Osborn, Mirus's HR and Recruitment Manager, said;

“I joined Mirus IT in 2015 and one of the things that became apparent was that we needed entry level engineers that we could help grow technically rather than find 1st Line Engineers on the open market. We already had IT Apprentices in our Development Team so we contacted the MK College due to them being the local provider. 

"We explained what we were looking for and provided them with a job description and they managed to find an apprentice to join us with in 1 month. Roll on three years and we now have a total of seven apprentices working at Mirus with 5 of these being IT Apprentices and part of our Apprenticeship Acceleration programme where we aim to develop the future Senior Engineers at Mirus IT.

"During our struggles of finding apprentices we did work with 3aaa until they went in to administration and our first call for assistance when this happened was to the MK College who have assisted us brilliantly."

Mirus don’t only employ engineering apprentices; we also offer roles in such areas as marketing, procurement and accounts.

Pippa Loveridge - Head of Marketing comments;

“The Marketing activity at Mirus had been delivered by an agency, and was brought in house at the beginning of 2018. I joined around this time with the brief to deliver campaigns to drive the Mirus brand forward and deliver leads. We’ve accomplished this well and have grown the team to three members, but we needed additional support with marketing admin, social monitoring and digital activity. Knowing just how well MK College mentors and develops their apprentices from seeing the technical apprentices grow in confidence and become solid, respected team members, we approached them for a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

"Ronni has been here for just a few months and is already proving to be an excellent team member, the support from MK College has been excellent too and she is flourishing at her role, already taking on more responsibility than we expected this early into her role, and she’s enjoying her studies. We’re going to work her activities around her learnings to ensure Ronni and Mirus work together for her to succeed and her career flourish.” 

Five of the apprentices we've had at Mirus have progressed into full-time roles. Here's what two of our apprentices who've gone into full time employment with Mirus have to say:

Matthew Williams - Operations Technician

"I started my apprenticeship several years ago on the Red Team, one of our customer facing technical support teams. This meant talking with customers regularly either through phone calls or emails and making sure any issues brought up were properly logged so they could be looked into later. Experience in the IT Industry alongside college work once a week really helped bring me out of my shell and apply skills learnt at college into my role.

"Now I work on Service Operations and help maintain backups for our customer, and feel I would not have been able to get where I am now without the apprenticeship and Mirus."

Jack Rosindell - Systems Engineer

“I started my apprenticeship back in August 2015 on the Service Operations Team, where my knowledge expanded very quickly within Mirus. My first few days here were learning what Mirus does. College was great too, I managed to learn more skills and made some great friends within the IT industry. I’m still at Mirus and managed to bag myself a full-time job on the Service Operations Team, around a year ago. Overall, it was easier getting myself an apprenticeship, learning more knowledge / skills, than getting a full-time job, straight after my school years.

"I would highly recommend apprenticeships and showing your employer that you’re capable of succeeding in the role.”

Thanks to the wealth and diversity of our apprentices, and the wide range of roles we offer, both Mirus and its apprentices are evolving, inspiring and expanding with the demands of an ever-changing industry. We're proud to be partnered with MK College - here's to many more years of opportunity!

If you're interested in an apprenticeship, or joining us here at Mirus, see what opportunities we have available.



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