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Mirus IT Superstars

Mirus IT Superstars – The Evolving Experts in IT Services

In 2018, Mirus kicked off its Superstar Programme, where Line Managers nominate a small number of Engineers for advanced skills development. 

With multiple service levels within the company, the Superstars Programme elevates Engineers to the next tier of service capabilities – developing their expertise and securing them an even more prosperous career with Mirus IT. 

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be continuing this initiative throughout 2019, once again with the full backing of the Senior Management Team!

Training and Development

When an Engineer first enters the Superstar Programme, they work with their Line Manager to devise a bespoke, 12-month training scheme. This will include both internal and external training, the latter of which runs for 15 days – that’s up to 10 days more than regular external training schedules.

They’ll also receive senior-level tutoring from our level 4 Technical Escalation Engineer, Martyn Butler. Reviewing everything from investigations up to diagnosis and solutions, Martyn’s tutoring methods are proven to be very successful, with feedback from Engineers being overwhelmingly positive. Service Delivery Director Chris Maybray also meets the Engineers every quarter to review their progress – ensuring that training is going ahead as planned and that any further needs are identified.  

In summary, nominated Engineers receive:

• An Advanced Development Plan

• Up to 15 days external training

• Monthly mentoring with our most Senior Engineer

• Quarterly catch-ups with Service Delivery Director Chris Maybray on their progress.

How long is the programme?

The programme never officially ends – so long as there are things to learn, our Engineers will continue to do so! That way we ensure our Engineers remain on top of their game, and new nominees benefit from yet more years of expertise from Senior Engineers.

Who’s on the programme?

Last year we welcomed David Hurren and Jack Rosindell to the scheme, with David recently moving up from a Level 2 Service Desk Engineer to a Level 3 Senior Service Desk Engineer. Both continue to benefit from the external and internal training, as well as the quarterly catch-ups with Chris Maybray.

This year we’re welcoming George Hudson and James Thompson to the Superstar Programme. George was originally an apprentice with Mirus, and following his apprenticeship, was offered a permanent position as a Level 1 Service Desk Technician. He’s now successfully completed his accreditation as a Level 2 Service Desk Engineer. James - already a Level 2 Service Desk Engineer for our dedicated Client Desk – will soon be moving to the next team up, onto our Blue Service Desk. 

A big part of how we at Mirus promote change and improvement is through our employees. With our Apprentice Scheme nurturing the next generation of talent, and our Senior Engineers providing ongoing support to both teams and individuals, the MTeam is constantly adapting to an ever-evolving industry.

We’re proud to continue with the Superstar Programme and look forward to adding more Superstars to the roster next year.

IT Roles with the MTeam

We're invested in our people, and we provide career progressions. We're an Award-Winning Managed Service Provider and are always looking for excellent candidates to join the MTeam.



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