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Mirus recruitment drive with ‘Apprenticeship Accelerator’ scheme

Mirus is delighted to launch a new initiative with the aim of creating over 20 apprentice roles during the next two years called the ‘Apprenticeship Accelerator’.  These roles will be across the different departments within the company from Service Desk (technical support), Field Technicians and Business Support, such as Accounts.

As well as these new apprentice roles Mirus will create a new role within the business which has the sole purpose of assisting and developing our apprentices.  This mentor role is vital to the success of the scheme, giving the apprentices a direct path for day to day guidance, feedback and planning their development over the coming years within Mirus.

Mirus Managing Director Paul Tomlinson said ‘We see apprenticeships as a huge part of the future growth within Mirus and am pleased to be able to launch this scheme to help ensure that the apprentices that we bring into the team are given every opportunity to learn and develop.  Its something we been doing informally for many years, but now I want to create a scheme that gives a clear path of development, from learning the basics of how a business operates through to specialist qualifications and certifications in the tools that we and many other businesses like us utilise to support our clients. 

We’ve seen through our previous apprentices' that have come into our business the value that they can add, plus also the opportunities that exist for them to grow and move around the company into different roles and departments as we grow.  Some of our previous apprentices are now beginning to move towards senior roles within the company and from our perspective to see that growth and internal development is fantastic.  Should we achieve our goals former and current apprentices will make up near one fifth of the total Mirus team! 

I’m also pleased to be able to grow our already strong partnership with MK College as they’ve been a great partner for us historically and I see this only growing further over the coming years’

If you or someone you know is looking for a career in technology please look at our website, http://www.mirus-it.co.uk/join-us and submit your details.


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