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Mirus Partner with Bretford for Laptop Trolleys

Mirus have long standing relationships with many quality suppliers. In the education sector, our extensive experience has seen a demand for high quality storage for IT equipment. Laptop trolleys have become essential for most schools, providing secure and efficient storage for notebooks and other devices. The mobility of these units allows schools to move the IT hardware from class to class making IT in education more accessible.

Mirus have chosen to work with Bretford to supply this furniture and storage as they have an excellent reputation. Since 1948, Bretford has been committed to producing high-quality products that add value to people's work and school experiences. From the start, we've worked to minimize waste throughout the product life cycle. As we look ahead into the 21st Century, Bretford envisions a future in which our factories are accident free, create zero waste, emit only benign emissions, use energy in highly efficient ways, and recycle our discarded products as raw material for new products.

Each laptop trolley makes transporting easy and safe. Multiple-point bolting doors and re-programmable padlock deters theft and helps ensure the security of thousands of pounds worth of equipment. Ships fully-assembled.Bretford is committed to producing high quality products that add value to people's work and school experiences. At Bretford they are constantly improving and developing new and existing product lines, in order to maintain these standards and offer a totally flexible, complete solution.

In addition to quality, Bretford is dedicated to customer service and support of its products in the market place. Their responsibility for the environment and our obligation to make a contribution to world preservation is taken very seriously.

For more information on the range click: http://www.bretforduk.com/products.asp?nID=196


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