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What is Our Company Way? Mirus Way Blog

What is Our Company Way?

Best practice, customer focused working, effectivity monitoring and making sure we are effective, are the key driving forces for all our teams at Mirus.

As a leading IT Services Provider, it’s imperative that we continuously monitor our processes and our clients processes to ensure we are as effective and as reactive as possible.

To meet, and hopefully exceed our own expectations, we’ve developed Our Company Way.

Our Company Way is a series of processes, check lists, procedures and monitoring tools, specifically created and utilised to ensure that our teams can thoroughly audit existing customer IT infrastructures to review Best Practice.

The results from the application of Our Company Way, allows Mirus to:

  • Streamline our support services
  • Improve our internal and client processes
  • and help us to identify any areas we can improve either for our own efficiency, or our clients’.Our Company Way arrow.png

Ultimately the goal of Our Company Way, is to help our customers strengthen their IT infrastructure and support which in turn will mean that our customers will raise less tickets as we have delivered an enhanced IT solution that suits their requirements and continually meets, and hopefully exceeds, their expectations. 

Another benefit of Our Company Way is Ticket Trending Reports. These reports help identify any patterns to tickets being created and if any are discovered, it allows our IT Specialists to react and ensure that the best course of action is implemented to help reduce the number of tickets being raised. 

Our Company Way ensures that customer documentation is complete, up to date and securely managed. 

  • Our Support Teams are now able to provide a better service, with the auditing in place we’re able to offer a seamless and quick support response every time.
  • Auditing in this way, allows our customers to be kept up to date with the technology available, they’re informed of the benefits, long-term cost savings and resilience that can be made through implemented improvements.
  • Security is re-visited within Our Company Way auditing process, our checks confirm that best practice is in place and if not, then where necessary, the best approach is highlighted with the customer.

Our Company Way monitors the delivery of solutions to agreed standards.  It also helps to support the various Managed Services provided by Mirus to customers, and it helps to maintain the management systems in use, improving service delivery and growth of the business.

To know more about Our Company Way and how we can ensure your Businesses IT, Print solutions, including Secure Print, and Cyber Security is the best it can be, give us a shout.

The three pillars of Mirus are:

Delivering outstanding service.
Offering strategically successful solutions.
Providing consistent customer satisfaction.



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