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Mirus MD Paul Tomlinson Judges RIBI Technology Tournament MK

23 teams from secondary schools in and around MK are competing in the RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland) Technology Tournament today. Paul will be joining the judging panel as the Rotary club recognises and rewards exceptional design and innovation from the region’s brightest students.

The exciting RIBI technology tournaments see teams of four students from local schools and colleges collectively solve a previously unseen design and technology task. This is a national challenge set by Rotary in Britain and Ireland and takes place all over the country on the same day.

The challenge unveiled on the day will be to construct and demonstrate an operational coin sorter using a standard materials and tool list. The task is consistent with the requirements of the national curriculum and students from ages 11 to 14 have to use oral, written and graphical communications skills to compile a project portfolio. The day culminates in the testing session when teams can see the performance of competing designs and solutions as they are put through their paces sorting and storing different value coins at random. Final projects will be judged on planning, teamwork, design analysis, solution development, creativity, communication of ideas, and the technical manufacture of their designs.

Paul commented “Mirus fully supports the Rotary’s vision to energise young people as the challenge encourages essential problem-solving and teamwork skills that are invaluable to innovation and collaboration - some of the key attributes Mirus look for in its employees. I’m excited to see how the new generations will tackle the traditional technology task using their modern-day knowledge – it’s an invaluable glimpse into the future.”

For more information on this and the other RIBI Youth Competitions and Awards please visit http://www.ribi.org/what-we-do/youth-competitions-and-awards

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