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Managed Print

Managed Print: Saving the Earth, Time and Space

Few businesses would explore a new strategy without money being top of their agenda. Whether making more or spending less, a plan that fails to protect the bottom line might need a little extra time at the drawing board. 

Yet there's more to be earned from your latest plan than simple monetary gain. What if you could speed up processes, attract more customers, or even realise your internal achievements - an energy efficient office, for example? You'd be surprised by just how much your Managed Print setup can help you in achieving them. 

We've already chronicled The True Cost of Managed Print, comparing its money-saving potential with that of a standard setup, so let's do something a little different this time: let's see what Managed Print cans save besides cash alone. 


However much paper your standard print gets through in a day, a Managed Print solutions can get through it quicker. Okay, that's not necessarily a challenge (it's incredibly eco-unfriendly, for starters), but if you frequently wait an age for your print jobs to conclude, so too does everyone else in your team. 

With Managed Print, print queues can be allocated to specific teams, specific print methods and specific individuals, so those imperative documents can be dropped at the front of any quickly-building queues at the request of a print administrator. Meanwhile, secure print release ensures that printing only begins when the recipient is at the device; which not only ensures sensitive documents make it to their rightful owner, but that printer queues move much quicker. 

One last thing you might not be aware of: occasionally, you can gleam your printer's pages-per-minute from the serial number alone. The Olivetti d-Color MF-223 prints at 22 ppm; the 283 at 28 ppm. There's every possibility this method could change (and as any graphics card enthusiast can tell you, device numbering systems are no precision art!) but it's currently a much easier way to assume a device's print speeds. 



For some business owners, a more standard print setup feels a little less oppressive. The simplicity of printers which only print, of scanners that only scan keeps things easier, more traditional. Yet it also takes up much more space, spreading your scanning and printing capabilities over so much more office real estate.

With a Multifunction Print Device, the capabilities of your scanners and printers, not to mention your users' connectivity, are all consolidated into fewer, all-encompassing devices. By allowing printing from anywhere with "Follow-Me" printing and lets users from any department select print devices via printing from the Cloud, both your MFPs and your office traffic can cut down on any unnecessary jams

The Earth

Paper, ink, energy - your standard print setup munches through all as it ploughs through every freshly-printed sheet. For the dedicated eco-friendly office, keeping it all under control can feel like an uphill struggle. With a Managed Print setup, you can regulate your printer's carbon footprint and economise your print setup with dedicated settings for users. You could save on ink usage with more economical printing options, or set yourself with with a Smart Monitoring solution, which ensure that your waste toner levels are kept to a minimum. With secure release ensuring that your hard copy is only released to and printed for its rightful owner, you'll also ensure that no printed pages are unclaimed. 

With every wasted page or discarded cartridge, the effect that printing has on the environment can feel a little stifling; but with that extra space and cleaner air, a Managed Print solutions can help you breathe a little easier. 

A Manged Print service should bring more to your strategy than a money-saving solution; it should also improve your day-to-day workflow and your own company aspirations. By using yours effectively, you can meet far grander aspirations than simply saving on the cost of your print. 


Why not kickstart your new IT Strategy with a Managed Print Solution from Mirus?

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