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Mirus Launches Managed Print Solutions


Mirus is proud to join forces with 2r Systems, a local specialist in Managed Print Solutions. Having built upon existing synergy between the businesses, Mirus Managed Print was formed to further add value to our customer relationships. Mirus currently offer support services to customers’ print solutions, but we now are able to offer advice on cost savings and increased productivity through technology and investment.

Check out the solution details at https://www.mirus-it.co.uk/solutions/managed-print for more information.

Like Mirus, 2R systems is a local company, providing print and copy solutions to local companies since 1988. Today, they pride themselves on their strong customer service, with the same core values as Mirus.

As no two companies are the same, nor are their printing requirements. Mirus Managed Print can assess potential cost savings through careful recommendation of device types (from Multi-Function Printers through to small executive desktop printers), recommend user policy settings should you have confidential printing requirements or need to identify heavy users, and also assess consumption levels of paper, ink, toner and ongoing maintenance to identify the right solution.

Find out through a Print Audit

In order to understand the benefits of a management print solution, each customer normally follows a process of recording costs for ink, toner and maintenance. But what is difficult in finding out true print volumes and calculating total running costs for each device.

That's why Mirus Managed Print are launching with a free audit offer, which involves the installation of custom audit software that monitors all print devices over a number of days to detailing what the true cost is to the business, presenting a comprehensive report which we highlights potential cost saving.

To arrange a free print audit with no obligation call or email our team of advisors on 0845 519 5055 or sales@mirus-managedprint.co.uk.

Alternatively visit https://www.mirus-it.co.uk/solutions/managed-print for more information.

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