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Mirus IT Launches Enhanced Email Security Solution

Cloud Safe 3Mirus IT have launched new Email Security features to complement current email anti-virus and anti-spam tools. Using Mimecast Cloud Email Management, Mirus IT are able to offer both Email Continuity that ensure that users can still continue to use email continues should their Exchange server fail or go offline, and enhanced Email Archiving that provides extended cloud-based storage and seamless recall of historic communications for legal or compliance purposes.

Email is today’s primary business communication tool and email security is high on the agenda for many businesses. It records important negotiations, customer commitments and forms binding contracts.

Email Continuity soothes the expectations on demand from users for uninterrupted email access from desktops, laptops and smartphones, where ever they may be. The business continuity aspect works by automatically detecting when Microsoft Exchange is offline, and switches all Outlook clients to send and receive email directly via the Mimecast platform.

With relentless growth in email traffic, the continued pressure on ROI from limited budgets and resources means that businesses are increasingly looking to the cloud for solutions for data archiving. They must be confident that they retain control of data and that it will be stored in defined and appropriate jurisdictions. 

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Mimecast is a highly secure, scalable and easily accessible cloud-based solution that reduces the complexity of managing email without over stretching resources.

Using the Mimecast platform, Mirus IT are also able to simply and mitigate project risks associated with migration to Microsoft Exchange 2013 or Office 365 as multiple security points and devices are replaced with one solution that include; email anti-virus & anti-spam, data leak prevention, email archiving, content control, and continuity services.

Click to read more on Email Security, continuity and archiving or contact Mirus IT on enquiries@mirus-it.com or 01908 257352.

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