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Mirus IT Employee of the Month - Technically Elite

EOTM Martyn

Praise and recognition once again from the Mirus team, this month choosing Martyn Butler as the Employee of the Month.

Martyn is one of our Technical Elite senior engineers looking after our most complex and technical assignments, therefore performs an integral part of our service.

We had a lot of positive comments from the team this month, here’s a sample:

“Always willing to help if I need assistance.”

“He constantly puts in 120% (although not mathematically possible) whilst always having time to help everyone else. “

“He’s a nice bloke, great focus on doing the right thing by the customer and nothing seems to be too much trouble when it comes to helping his colleagues.”

Well done to Martyn and the 12 other people who got mentioned.

The Service Desk team is hiring at the moment and we’re looking for another Senior Systems Engineer to join our Technical Elite team.

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