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Mirus Increase Their Disaster Recovery Centre to 150TB Storage

Mirus have recently expanded their data centre due to an ever growing number of clients using our hosting services. We now have over 150TB of storage at each data centre.

Back in 2008, the team at Mirus began creating a solution for our clients that would allow them to securely backup their company data and recover quickly from a “disaster”. This idea came about as more and more clients were asking us what would happen if their servers or infrastructure would become faulty or cease to operate. Historically, many servers were using tape based backups with staff regularly taking the media off-site. This method is still better than having no backup, however it still presents a problem when faced with a “disaster”.

Most “disasters” involve server hardware failure and if you have a tape based backup, the recovery process involves waiting for new hardware to arrive, rebuilding the software and then transferring the data back from the tape media. This whole process can take days and in the meantime your business is suffering from a lack of IT infrastructure, ability to communicate with clients and perform day to day company processes.

So what’s our solution?
Our managed disaster recovery and backup solution is provides a disk based, tape replacement backup and restore facility for critical systems and data. This service, fully managed through Mirus' Management Control Centre provides a solution for the rapid backup and restoration, both locally and offsite, of full systems, individual files or Microsoft™ Exchange Data.
With our product you no longer need to spend countless hours managing and manipulating your backup process. As part of the managed service we operate a 'We fit, you forget' policy which means that you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to data backup & recovery, be that for one individual file, or a complete server room data loss scenario.

How does it work?
We install a Backup Server at your premises that backs up your server daily, a like for like copy of your server is stored on the Backup Server and also at our Data Centre. The off-site backup takes place during the evening giving you a complete and secure off-site copy of your server. This means should your entire site lose its IT due to a disaster, we have everything safely backed up in our data centre and continually monitored.

Example Backup Setup:

If you are interested in finding out how we can minimise the impact of a disaster on your business, please get in touch with our team on 0845 519 5055 or email sales@mirus-it.com.

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