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Mirus Engineers Take Microsoft Licensing Exams

As part our on-going training programme at Mirus, our engineers are taking Microsoft Licensing Sales Specialist (MLSS) exams from Microsoft to become better acquainted with the various methods of procuring software from IT giant.

Licensing can be a mine field
Licensing software for your business can be extremely tricky and you can easily purchase the wrong product if you don’t have the knowledge of the different methods of buying your packages.

Our Sales team are extremely experienced and qualified when it comes to licensing for our customers, however our engineers see customers every day and are often asked about licensing. To help our customers choose the best solution for them whether it be perpetual licensing, open value subscriptions, or OEM, we are having all our engineers take the exam so they too can offer “on the spot” advice.

What is the MLSS accreditation?
The MLSS is a multi-stage course in which the person taking the exam gets a full understanding of the fundamentals of licensing. This is what Microsoft say about their learning programme and MLSS:

"The MLSS accreditation is aimed at anyone who wants to demonstrate competence in both the Microsoft Volume Licensing programmes as well as the licensing models used for key Microsoft products."

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