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Mirus Employee of the Month Recieves Glowing Praise


The Mirus Employee of the Month votes are in, and yet again we praise another outstanding individual that deserves recognition for their exemplary efforts.

This month we praise David Willis, who is a member of our own internal IT department. With all the Mirus team needing the highest levels of IT at their fingertips, we recognise that our internal team arguably have one of the most demanding roles here, so we applaud David for exemplary attitude and cherished character.

David himself has already shared the award with his team members, which is a further indication of his team spirit and goodwill.

Many of the team at Mirus were individually praised, but there can only be one winner and this is what his colleagues had to say about David:

“I must vote for David Willis. He has been helpful, friendly and has gone the extra mile for us of late I have never voted before, however on this occasion, David’s name came immediately to mind.

An all-round Nice Guy who is still taller than me when he kneels down! Anyone who can cable in ceilings without ladders and hold an iPad in one hand, is destined for a great career in IT.”

“Not only is he good at his job and always finds a solution, he explains what the issue is and informs you what he will do to fix it. He is officially the funniest person I have ever met in the IT Industry.

I would probably break my computer every day just so that he can come and fix it! 

Clearly a lot of respect for David – well done indeed!

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