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Mirus does Swanbourne Endeavour 2017

Mirus Does Swanbourne Endeavour 17

Our 4th year at Swanbourne Endeavour was another muddy fun adventure for our Mirus IT competitors.

“I’m completely broken but will definitely be doing it again next year!” 

If you haven’t heard of the event The Swanbourne Endeavour, it’s a: 'Gutsy, gruelling off-road endurance event that allows you to plunge into the wilds of Buckinghamshire – streams, woods, fields, haystacks and fire! A cross-country endurance race that will push you to the limit and beyond. A test of determination spirit and camaraderie, but above all SPIRIT. Spirit is everything. ' We've been running the event with a team, for four years now.

This year, we're pleased to announce that we all made it through the race in one piece, and arrived at the finish line slightly soggy, a little bit muddy but full of pride! Alison Reynolds, a first-timer at the event, obviously enjoyed it this year;

“Since I started at Mirus IT, every year I’ve said I’ll do it next year, and this year I finally decided to give it a go.  It was hard, much harder than I imagined, especially at the end when it was obstacle after obstacle and you were running out of energy, but I found some from somewhere and did them all!  I must say if it wasn’t for David Willis and Darren I wouldn’t have completed the course, they helped me up over the hay bails, out of the water (when I kept falling back in), and if they hadn’t been there I would still be stuck in the torture chamber!  David was so motivational and kept Darren and I going throughout and even held my hand over the finish line. 

It was a fab experience, am aching and have cuts and bruises, but would certainly give it a go another year (not next year though, as it will be the week before my wedding, and I really don’t want war wounds in my wedding pics 😊). 

Thanks to Mirus for entering us all, to Sarah for training with me, driving me and looking after my son and cheering me on at the end, for Tom for helping me over one of the hay bails at the end (when he’s showered and changed) and ended up getting muddy again, and of course to David and Darren.  I can honestly say that I work with some amazing people who aren’t only my colleagues but my friends 😊

You can see pictures from this year’s event here,  watch our video here and find out more about Mirus IT here.



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