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The Mirus Monthly Bake-Off Winner is Announced

Flaunting the Friday 13th fear, the Mirus Cake Crew braved another monthly Bake-Off. This time, with a splendid Easter theme.

We let newbie Katie join Dan as judge to sample all the culinary delights. The cakes were subject to the same level of scrutiny being judged on 1) Concept, 2) Taste, and a cameo criteria 3) Easterliness.

As always, creativity was at top-notch with a Giant Rabbit Cookie, a Super-Choccy Mini Egg Cake, a Tasty Zesty Lemon Cheesecake, and a Meringue Extravaganza.

Winner Jess Tomlinson was delighted to be crowned this month’s winner with the Easter Meringue Extravaganza, taking home the bubbly, and gets gloating rights for a whole month.

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