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The Mirus Messy Run - The Photos

We'd like to thank all our supporters that made the messy run as fun and as successful as it was. So far we've raised £400 for AYME, but it's not too late to donate if you think team Mirus deserve it after what we went through...

On top of the 5km run (it was our first attempt at this - maybe the 10km next year!), the team had to swim through freezing muddy ponds, dunk under the low beams in another freezing muddy pond, crawl through barbed wire tunnels in the squelching mud, climb over many straw bale walls, wade through stinky muddy bog pits, trek across several muddy fields, crawl through a pitch black muddy maze, run through the fire pit, and jump of the high plank into another freezing muddy pond.

It was muddy to say the least.

The team consisted of over 12 runners including; Paul Tomlison, Dan Sharp, Adam Kirby, Jelle de Haas, Kate Cash, Mark Carson, Stuart Carter, Katie Barrington, David Willis, Chris Russell, John Green, and Miro Miadok.

Late donations can be made at http://www.justgiving.com/MirusMessyRun (1 account for the whole team).

Well done everyone and thanks again for your ongoing support.

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