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The Great North Run for AYME - with a Twist

Our man Jelle is raising funds for our friends at AYME by doing the BUPA Great North Run on the 16th of September 2012.

Instead of the usual plea for donations, he's changing the game:

The person or company making the largest contribution, by Wednesday the 12th of September 2012 at midnight, will have the opportunity to promote their brand, logo or slogan (or one of their choosing) on the back of his vest during the run, as well as on the vehicle which he'll be driving to and from the event over that weekend.

If he reaches over £1000 we'll be making him run it in a banana suit. Can you help Team Mirus inflict reward Jelle by reaching £1000?!?!

Donations and sponsorship bids: http://www.justgiving.com/Jelle-de-Haas

Monitor his progress on Facebook: BupaAymeAndARunner

The details from Jelle:

  • The highest contributor can have their company logo, slogan, catchphrase or whatever they wish on the back of my vest, and on the vehicle for the weekend. The Facebook page pictures show the space you have available on the vest, and the vehicle is a black 2011 Focus. I'll also wear any clothing or apparel supporting your brand for the weekend.
  • This of course excludes any profanity, anything defamatory, or in contradiction with the cause of the charity or the event. Discretion advised, keep it sensible, the final decision rests with me and I'll inform accordingly beforehand if inappropriate so we can agree something sensible.
  • The contributor will need to provide appropriate signage/branding/apparel/etc.
  • I'll be driving from Letchworth to Newcastle via Bury St Edmunds, a 600-mile return journey. A lot of exposure time for your brand!
  • Everything goes to AYME.

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