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The Great Mirus Bake Off – The First Round

It became apparent at Mirus that our talented team were not just good at solving IT problems, but that we had some master-chefs amongst us. To put these talents on show, Mirus decided to begin the Great Mirus Bake Off.

The first round saw the Service Desk team going head to head with a variety of delightful cakes, both amazing to look at and equally tasty! But after a strict judging process that scored points for presentation, originality, taste and texture, there was a winner.

Congratulations to Kate Newman for her amazing cake, which didn’t last very long after the judging had ended and the team feasted on the array of sweet treats. The rest of the team are now going back to the drawing board to come up with all new ideas and taste sensations, even the sales team will be entering the next round so look out for some weird and wacky ideas.

If you fancy coming along to have a slice of cake and a cup of tea, feel free to drop into the office!

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