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The Bakers Excel Again

The Mirus Monthly Bake-Off went back to it's roots with a a Mirus theme challenge.

We had some very creative entries with some Cloud Cakes, a Jagerbomb cake (guess where that comes from!), a Mirus Platter, and a Ginger and Lime Cake.

Newbie Alison joined the judging panel - not a bad job on her first day at Mirus! The overall feedback from the judges were:

Jagerbomb - "Wallop"

Ginger and Lime - "Oooh nice and zesty, very refreshing!"

Mirus - "Don’t eat the R it’s not cooked" as a quote from the baker says it all

Cloud rock cakes - "Tasty and you could commit ABH with them"

We're not sure how the ginger and lime reflects Mirus - maybe we're zesty and refreshing? Let's hope! :) But the important thing is that it was so yummy it won this month's competition. Chris jumps to the top of the leader board on a decent 64 points.

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