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Mirus Vs The Dragon

Dragon Boat Race - Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

dragon boat race - June 2014 1150pxs


The 'Mirus Machines' took on the rest of Milton Keynes in the annual Dragon Boat Race at Willen lake on Sunday.

Our team was packed with our strongest employees, the sun shone gloriously, the BBQ sizzled with protein, the beers were on ice and all our family and friends were cheering us on from the embankment...we piled into the dragon boat and rowed our hearts out to the best of our ability.

Our ability turns out to be 24th.

But out of 50 boats that's not a bad result!

However maybe next year we'll save the beers till the end of the racing.

dragon 1

dragon 2

dragon 3

A round up of the days fun in a 1 minute 49 Second video!....


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